March 30, 2023
AirPods Pro

★ AirPods Pro 25% discount from US to Brazil

We are from Mac Magazine We recommend zip4Me For a number of reasons, and why it’s not hard to see: can additionally Import a wide variety of products (not just Apple) available only in the United StatesThey provide many services such as support, purchasing, receiving, saving, product evaluation and testing.

If you can send your US purchases whenever you want, you can too Promotions From there! In many cases, you may already be paying less for purchases in the United States (in rias) and you may save even more with discounts offered by retailers there.

A real example of this is the ad for the American Amazon Airports ProAs our reader has seen Alison Rocha. There, wireless headphones, priced at US $ 250, Are sold by US $ 190 – 25% off (or $ 60).

If you access advertising outside the United States, you will see that the product is “not in stock”; If so, you need a US address – what Zip4Me offers you! For that, just Open your account on Zip4Me And get your US address.

Additional tip: When purchasing, you will not use your National Card, which commercially charges more than a dollar (fees and taxes), right? For that, you can use Your account and your credit card Nomad.

To simulate the purchase of Airports Pro, we used the commercial dollar exchange rate BRL 5.11 (Plus 1.1% IOF and Spread 2%). In addition, we have added the Brazilian tax on imported goods to the final value of the product, which, in principle, is 60% of the declared value – the buyer must declare good and inspect it. Federal Revenue Service.

Note that since Zip4Me is located in the state of Oregon you do not have to pay that Native US sales tax (Sales tax) – For example, in Miami it is 7%.

In the comparison below, we have selected the lowest price of the AirPods Pro in Brazil at the time of posting (obviously, the official store, the authorized Apple reseller, not from the gray market).

US Price Importing with Zip4Me (already with everything!) Average price (advertising) in Brazil. Economy
Airports Pro US $ 190 BRL 1,720 BRL 2,180 PRL460

It is worth remembering that you have a free redirect until March 9th!

This, of course, speaks to the Airports Pro. But in the Zip4Me shipping box to Brazil, you can put many of the products you are looking for, such as the sneaker and airtake – and save even more on shipping.

Open your Zip4Me accountKeep the US address and use US ads!

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