December 8, 2022
Black Friday da Zip4Me

★ Get ready for American Black Friday with Zip4Me

Like every year, in 2022 sexta-feira Negra Held on the last Friday of November – this time, on Day 25. But anyone would be wrong to think that promotions for this long-awaited event will be limited to a single day.

This is because many shops and vendors do not waste time and start work before the specified date. So, throughout the month of November you can save a lot with unmissable discounts – and the best way to track this is through the website

Since it is the date of creation AmericaOne of the most useful is to take advantage of the promotions – because in Brazil, there is always a stigma of “everything for half double”, which casts doubt on many of the advertised promotions.

For a long time, shopping in America was a privilege for few. But with the advent of companies like Zip4Me (which act as redirectors), this has become a more democratized process so that anyone can do their shopping without even setting foot on US soil.

Be prepared!

If you follow Mac MagazineIt is well known zip4Me This is one of the best tips when we talk about this kind of service, it is the best option for you who want to import from USA without spending much.

So, how about preparing for the date and getting everything ready for your future purchases? First, you have to Open your account on the Zip website Get your free US address. Since your address is in the US state of Oregon, the benefits start there, tax free!

Once this is done, it is worth creating accounts on sites with good advertising. sexta-feira Negra (So Amazon, Best buy, Ebay, Walmartetc) and register your zip address in them – this will make the purchase process much faster and more practical.

There’s a coupon!

Another good news is, readers Mac Magazine Keep Discount Coupon on First Import: When setting up the first shipment on the platform and using the coupon MM15, you’ll get up to $15 off the forwarding service fee – meaning you’ll only pay for shipping; A diversion for your first purchase Free!

Buy and deliver on Zip4Me

As we said, by purchasing products and delivering them on Zip4Me, you are automatically exempt from US tax, since the company’s warehouse is located in the state of Oregon (more precisely, in the city of Portland), and there is no local tax collection. .

Products received by Zip4Me still need to be shipped to your home, so take these values ​​into account when calculating how much you’ll save. This, of course, depends on how many products you will be shipping (box weight) and where you live (city/state).

Zip4Me has a large warehouse that can store your products for up to three months – updated with every new purchase you make and delivered to your US address.

Check out the company structure in this video:

Then you put it all together in one shipment to your home. So, you can start your shopping little by little using the ads in USA. sexta-feira Negra Start!

As the customer makes his customs declaration, it is his responsibility to familiarize himself with the customs laws of the country he is entering. In this case, if you live in states like RS, MG and SC, there may be an ICMS charge on import – average 18%. For more information on the taxation system, visit the IRS website.

Get to know and understand better how Zip4Me service works and how it can help you Check this page.

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