March 26, 2023

1 in 2 America! Tickets to Orlando and New York or Chicago from R$2,751

We’re kicking off this Thursday with great deals for those looking to tour America with their families! How about going to Orlando and adding a few more days in New York or Chicago? With the 2 in 1 flight tickets we’ve found, you can travel more and best of all, save money!

United Airlines has 2-in-1 flights Orlando Also New York or Chicago From R$2,751 leaving São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and other cities. This is a good opportunity to make that dream trip come true.

We also found 2 in 1 tickets to other North American cities Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington or San Francisco from R$ 3,342. There are many combinations that you can see below.

This 2 in 1 includes round-trip flights to Brazil, airfare within the US, and all taxes. Remember you need a US visa to travel.


No wonder Orlando It is known as a kind of “capital of the world” theme park. Synonymous with fun, the city is famous for attractions that include Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, attracting millions of visitors annually. But beyond the theme parks, Orlando has a variety of options, including Disney Springs, an open entertainment center with many dining and shopping options, and International Drive, a popular shopping area with many entertainment and dining options. Orlando is a good choice for those who love to shop. In our guide, you will find many tips What to do in Orlando.


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