February 6, 2023
10/12/2022 - Neymar asked after the Croatia goal - "Why are you going up?"

10/12/2022 – Neymar asked after the Croatia goal – “Why are you going up?”

Brazil’s elimination by Croatia in the World Cup quarter-finals had a particularly bitter taste because Tite’s side were winning until almost the end of the second half of extra time. The European confrontation came in a counter-attack that threw the defense into disarray, at a moment in the match that Brazil needed to gain time and equalise. after the lotteryNeymar accused the midfielder.

In a video that started circulating after the match, Neymar can be seen arguing with his teammates. Even if some parts of what he says are lip-reading blurred, it’s understandable that he’s asking why the team took so much lead in the closing minutes of the game, when Brazil had the advantage in their hands.

In the video, Neymar appears to say, “Hey, there’s no need to go up. It’s one to zero!” Globe Sports🇧🇷

Shortly before the Croatian goal, Tite signaled and seemed to order the national team players to step back from the line of control.

Then, on defense, Danilo, 31, charges long lateral to the slashing defence, who plays up front, almost in midfield. Modric leans back, defenders curl up with the ball high amidst forwards Pedro and Fred watch, who sees an opportunity to catch the Croatian defense off guard, and runs wide.

The duo’s pressure has an effect: the ball deflects off Fred after a clumsy header by defender Jvardiol, 20, and lands at the feet of Pedro, who releases the midfielder with a low pass. The counter-attack scenario was good for Brazil, with the Croatian defense opened, and the entire line of Brazilian attackers and midfielders, including Neymar, rushed in.

However, Gvardiol recovered with an accurate shot from behind, disarming Fred as the two reached the right corner of the box. The ball is left with defender Lovren, who kicks it forward. The ball again battles through the air, landing at Modric’s feet.

At the moment, seven of the ten Brazilian players are on the attacking field, five of them are in front of the ball line – including Fred, who was close to the end line, as he tried to grapple with the left defender. Of the five, only Pedro attempted to return to reinforce the tag.

Casemiro, the first player behind the line, tries to fight back with Modric, but ends up throwing the ball back, in advance of the Croatian counter-attack. There are four checks against four strikers, almost one-on-one.

Most players on the offensive field come back slowly, and start running only when they realize the danger of playing too late. The chess team scores its goal after a shot from Petkovic, who was free to receive the ball and hit it first.

The seemingly uncoordinated advance of the Brazilian team was one The most questionable points for every commenters and by public on social networks after the fall.