10 benefits that are worth more than an increase

10 avantages qui valent plus qu’une augmentation

When our employer is reluctant to grant us a pay increase, it is always possible to negotiate some benefits that are worth as much, if not more, than an increase. Our ten suggestions.

1. Why not a bonus ?

It may be that our employer is not ready to give us a pay rise, but why not ask him for a bonus year-end or related to our performance ? This can be a consensus winner for both parties.

2. The organisation of working time

When you work full-time, one sometimes has the impression of a lack of time for oneself. It is possible to negotiate with his employer to distribute his / her working hours over four days rather than five, or even ask to have a schedule best suited to his style of life.

3. More vacation time

Who does not dream of having more vacation ? You can ask your employer more weeks of vacation or a few extra holidays during the year. Another way to enjoy life !

4. Telework

According to the speaker, coach and author Stephanie Milot, ” to offer someone the opportunity to work from home one or two days per week, this is an advantage ! When we think of the number of hours spent in transport per week to commute to work, this option is tempting for many people. “

5. Funding of a training

Improve his skills so that one finds oneself on the labour market can be very advantageous, especially when it is our employer who pays ! Following training, one acquires new knowledge and expands its field of competence. It can therefore be offered tasks more challenging. And with an additional diploma, one has more chances of getting a salary increase !

You can also ask our boss to attend training courses or conferences related to our work, or to obtain the services of a mentor within the company. These options, which will help us improve will necessarily have a positive impact for the employer.

6. Material benefits of work-related

“We may also ask you to lend us a car, or get a budget to cover our travel expenses,” according to Stephanie Milot. Economy interesting, which is sometimes worth a pay rise.

7. Quality of work life

As to spend a number of hours considerable to work, too well to be comfortable. “To have an ergonomic chair or a ball on which we sit, or even have his office near a window are the little things that make daily life a lot more enjoyable !” says Stéphanie Milot.

8. Protection in case of loss of employment

No one likes to think about what would happen if for one reason or another, we were supposed to lose his job. Hence the advantage of negotiating with his boss to a severance allowance or a support service to help us to find a new job in case something goes wrong.

9. Possibility of advancement

If our boss does not consent to an increase, why not ask him to make a difference differently in our work life, seeking a change in our tasks, or a role that is more challenging ?

10. Of the shares of the company

Some companies offer the opportunity for employees to invest in the company. It is a mark of recognition on the part of the employer, and in the end, it may prove to be profitable.

In short, when the time comes to negotiate with his employer, we often think in terms of a wage increase, but a lot of other “extras” can make our lives more pleasant…


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