March 25, 2023

10 Free Museums in London for an Unmissable Cultural Itinerary

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London is known as a cosmopolitan city and a true cultural melting pot. But it is also considered an expensive destination to visit. However, the Free museums in Londonin addition to the art galleries, to prove that the English capital also welcomes those on a budget.

It cannot be hidden London is among the most expensive cities to live in and to visit. Without a doubt, a tourist needs to reserve a few pounds to visit bars, restaurants, attractions, and even travel on the subway.

But all is not lost! The city is also valuable Access to art and history. A feeling translated by the free museums in London, as well as the art galleries that you can visit without spending a single penny.

Free museums and art galleries in London

Museum of London (Museum of London)


If you really want to know the history of the city and the people who helped build it, be sure to visit London Museum. more than 450 thousand years of history Presented in permanent and temporary exhibitions illustrating from prehistoric times.

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The museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. More info at Location.

National Museum of Science (National Museum of Science)


located in South Kensingtonthe National Museum of Science It owns one of the largest science and technology groups in the world. There are things related to chemistry, medicine, space, mathematics, technology, astronomy, and robotics.

And none of that boring visit! Everything is displayed in a very attractive way. To give you an idea, from time to time, the Work crew live experience. By the way, the museum at Gallery Roadwhich concentrates the city’s major museums and art galleries, some of which do not charge admission.

But attention! Although free, the National Museum of Science requires visits to be scheduled through Location.

Imperial War Museum London


You are Imperial War Museums Distributed in five different locations across the UK. London has three branches, among them, one that deals specifically with the First and Second World War.

In permanent exhibitions, the visitor has contact with Holocaust exhibitionobjects from the two great disputes, as well as temporary events and exhibitions, are all free.

information via Location.

British Museum (British Museum)


It is a museum The British Museum Dedicated to documenting all human history, art, and culture. Therefore, her collection brings together an impressive collection of manuscripts, sculptures, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and archaeological objects from the ancient world.

To make visiting easier, the museum has a map that represents the most popular thematic exhibits. as well National Museum of Sciencethe The British Museum It also requires that visits be scheduled by Location.

National Maritime Museum (National Maritime Museum)

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It is located in a complex that previously housed Greenwich Royal Hospital Schoolthe National Maritime Museum standing on the shores Tamesa River. No wonder it showcases England’s robust maritime history through ship models, nautical instruments, photographs, and artwork.

The group also has a library to maintain More than 100,000 books. To end your visit, take a stroll through Greenwich Park And visit Greenwich Market. Information about the museum by Location.

Tate Modern


How to leave a list of free museums in London without including a visit Tate Moderndedicate art? One important thing Tourist attractions in the British capitalIt has absolutely free admission with a great selection.

Starting with paintings and sculptures by Pablo Picasso, as well as contemporary artworks. Although there is no entry fee, there is a fee to visit some of the exhibitions. To find out more, go to Location.

Victoria and Albert Museum


It is a museum Victoria and Albert Museum, or V&AFighting More than 2.8 million artifacts who report at least 5,000 years of history.

Objects of art, design, and performance account for the country’s important collections of ceramics, textiles, furniture, jewelry, photographs, books, and paintings. Access to most collections and events is free, but there is a fee for select workshops and exhibitions.

See what they are in Location.

Natural History Museum (Natural History Museum)


In addition to the impressive architecture, the Natural History Museum It is a human evolutionist’s paradise. And also fans of botany, paleontology, mineralogy, entomology and zoology.

From giant dinosaur skeletons hanging from the ceiling to fossils of extinct mammals, the museum has exhibits that document the entire history of life on Earth. As if that weren’t enough, its open gardens transform into a fantastic ice skating rink during the winter.

information via Location.

National Gallery (National Gallery)


For those torn between choosing an art gallery or a history museum, the National galleryin Trafalgar SquareSubmit Nope! Founded in 1824 with a collection of 38 paintings, and National galleryToday it is a museum that houses important European paintings.

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One of London’s most respected free art museums, it displays works by Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Titian. More info at Location.

Saatchi Gallery


In addition to the free museums in London, how about getting to know important art galleries without paying anything? It is a prestigious status Saatchi Gallery. The space provides emerging artists with a platform to display their art, without requiring visitors to enter. Thus, there is still more to get the business going effectively.

So, do you know any of the free museums in London? How was your experience? Oh, and speaking of museums, meet those who are known to have them The strangest groups in the world!