May 28, 2023

10 things people under 20 never see in their lives

It feels like yesterday, but some things are real relics and people under 20 have never seen them in person. Find some examples that will make you feel like a dinosaur.

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1 – Pager

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People under the age of 20 have never heard of or even seen a pager, but this device was indeed the consumer desire of many. Between the 1980s and 1990s, it was also known as an “alert” and codes and messages would have been sent over the phone, just to alert about something.

2 – Copying or copying machine


Until the early 2000s, classrooms had copiers or photocopiers in the teacher’s locker. The equipment served as a kind of printer. Using carbon paper and alcohol, the test pages were copied. Those under 20 probably haven’t seen one of these.

3 – No one under the age of 20 has watched a VCR


Movie rental stores are becoming popular in front of the VCR. Through massive videotapes, it was possible to watch movies. No one under the age of 20 had to return a video to avoid a fine when it was returned.

4 – Windows Pinball


The games that were installed with Windows in the past were a widely used pastime by the users. The famous 3D Pinball Space Cadet was one of the most played characters ever. XP was the last version to fetch the app.

5 – Windows XP is just a record for those under 20 years old


Surely people under the age of 20 have never used an XP version of Windows. It was a generation in the early 2000s, changing the rules of the game and changing the look and navigation of the operating system.

6 – mouse ball


In the past, an optical mouse was a luxury item. Since 2000, all mice have had a passing ball, which always causes some drawbacks. It is what made the cursor move on the screen.

7 – Xuxa computer


The famous Xuxa computer was a type of notebook computer, which could be used to write sentences, for example. Owning a computer was very expensive at that time.

8 – Pokémon in Guarana that have not been seen by anyone under the age of 20

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In the early 2000s, the Pokemon anime became a real craze. For this reason, Guaraná Antártica has launched Poké Balls that come with a “toddler” sized bottle. Inside were miniatures of animals.

9 – mini game


Finally, “mini-games” made a lot of people happy. They were small 2D consoles, black and white, with simple and fun games. A few batteries were enough to spend entire afternoons playing this fun pastime.