December 6, 2023
11 Famous Foods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer: See List

11 Famous Foods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer: See List

is being healthy In addition to eating well, avoid future diseases thanks to your diet. Some foods are special because of this, they may not even be preferred for their taste, but for their long-term effects.

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1- eggs


Starting with the most popular food, eggs. Studies show that the habit of eating eggs is responsible for preventing the risk of breast cancer due to one of the nutrients found in the egg yolk, which is choline.

2- Islands


Carrots contain a substance called a carotenoid. It works directly against molecules called free radicals that cause cancer cells to mutate. Its effect is more effective against breast cancer.

3- grapes


Grapes also enter this fight because of their role against free radicals. What distinguishes it against cancer is the presence of polyphenols. In addition, its bark is distinguished by the presence of resveratrol, which prevents the appearance of tumors.

4- tomato


a Tomatoes, which is very popular in meals, plays an interesting role in that it is known for its vitamin C and flavonoids. Another substance, lycopene, is a great helper against tumors. Tomatoes reduce the chances of developing prostate and breast cancer in particular.

5- Beans


Speaking of Brazilian foods, the famous beans cannot be left out, and coincidentally, beans are also included in this list. Specifically, its ability to prevent tumor formation due to its low glycemic index.

6- Nuts


Because they are small, they are easy to consume and some of these nuts are consumed several times during the day. Research conducted by the Marshall University Medical Group has proven that walnuts prevent breast cancer.

7- Flax seeds

Linum seed

Flaxseed is a source of lignans: Lignans are a group of low molecular weight polyphenols that are associated with the protective process of breast, prostate and cervical cancer and metastases.

8- Avocado


a avocado Protects against cancer of the mouth, throat, breast and eye. Important in the fight against oral cancer for its ability to destroy cancer cells. For breast cancer because of oleic acid, and for prostate cancer because it prevents the growth of the prostate structure.

9- Salmon


Salmon in its composition, with omega-3 and antioxidants in abundance, ends up helping to fight cell aging and prevent cancer through proper cell reproduction.

10 and 11 – tuna and sardines


Tuna, like sardines, reduces the risk of colorectal cancer, as it is also linked to omega-3 and its nutritional power.