February 6, 2023
12 million Brazilians can still withdraw up to R$1,000

12 million Brazilians can still withdraw up to R$1,000

It is still available Withdraw up to R$1,000 For about 12 million workers working under an official contract. The so-called extraordinary transmission tour of fgts (Service Guarantee Fund) started in April and ends on December 15th.

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Every citizen who has a balance in active accounts (current job) or inactive accounts (previous jobs) in the Fund can redeem up to R$1,000. The limit must be respected by those with higher amounts, but those with fewer resources can withdraw the available amount.

The method was created in an exceptional way to help Brazilians in the midst of the financial crisis that has worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic. Participation is completely optional, without prejudice to the worker who chooses not to withdraw funds now.

Up to 1,000 at the end of the year

Resources are automatically deposited into digital savings accounts created at Caixa Team app🇧🇷 If the funds are returned to the original accounts, simply access the FGTS app and click on the “Extraordinary Withdrawal” option to request a reissue.

Through Caixa Tem, citizens can make payments, transfers, purchases using the virtual card and even withdraw cash. To carry out this last operation, you only need to generate a drawing code and go to a Caixa service station, Caixa Aqui correspondents or the lottery agency.

Unusual loot

There is a permanent way to recover FGTS foreseen in the legislation, known as Christmas withdrawal🇧🇷 Those born in December who are interested in withdrawing part of the balance from their accounts can migrate until the 31st of the following month.