July 22, 2024

12 types of foods that can not be put in the microwave

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12 types of foods that can not be put in the microwave
12 types of foods that can not be put in the microwave

Did you know that not all foods can be prepared in the microwave? These include eggs, meat, and potatoes – check out the full list.

Although the microwave is a practical device and it breaks the branch many times, especially when reheating or thawing food, Not all food They can be heated or prepared in this type of oven (just as not all items can be cooked in a microwave).

The reason why some items do not heat up in the microwave is due to the temperature generated by the appliance. In some cases, it is even possible to cause explosions and fires.

You could say it’s dangerous, right? So, for your own and your family’s safety, check out a list below of all the foods you should never cook in the microwave. are they:

  1. water (it boils very quickly and can cause serious accidents);
  2. egg;
  3. Grape;
  4. pepper;
  5. carrot;
  6. Potato with peel
  7. Tomato with skin
  8. sausage;
  9. sausage;
  10. tomato sauce
  11. the bread
  12. Meat (if you want to heat it up, it’s fine, but you can’t cook it).

In addition to food, there are also some Items that should be kept away from the microwave. Therefore, when preparing your dishes, heating them or defrosting them, pay special attention and do not put the following items in the oven:

  • Plastic utensils (always prefer glass or crockery containers)
  • Styrofoam packaging.
  • any type of aluminum (both pots and pans, aluminum foil);
  • Chinese food packaging
  • crockery with silver or gold details;
  • heat-resistant glasses;
  • crystal tableware
  • Acrylic packaging.
  • Ice cream, margarine, yoghurt packages…;
  • pizza boxes
  • bottle of water;
  • paper bags

Now it will be easier to use your microwave safely. Save this post for when you need to check for blocked items again.

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