December 9, 2022
"127.88 million Brazilian reals";  Arsenal presents millionaire 'numbers' to Palmeiras midfielder to follow in Gabriel Jesus' footsteps

“127.88 million Brazilian reals”; Arsenal presents millionaire ‘numbers’ to Palmeiras midfielder to follow in Gabriel Jesus’ footsteps

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The English team made a millionaire bid for Verdau

(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

a Palm trees He has a list of many promising players, coming mainly from the base. Big names have been revealed in recent years, including midfielder Danilo, who is considered one of the great promises of Verdau Football Academy. With talent on the agenda, the player is one of the most harassed by the current European teams, with it, the turns and moves that are sought after by some of the great clubs in the old continent,

as it was precise Written by journalist Jorge Nicola on his YouTube channel Arsenal of England, which currently has an academy staff in its attack: Gabriel Jesus, wants to increase the number of Palmeiras in his team and has made an official proposal for the midfielder for just 21 years, one of the highlights of Abel Ferrera’s team of the season .

According to the interviewer, Arsenal offered about 25 million euros, or approximately 127.88 million Brazilian riyals, to include the athlete in the English Premier League next season. But the attack was rejected by Leila Pereira, the club’s president, who has not yet shown an interest in negotiating with the midfielder at this time. The intent is that perhaps in the future, the numbers will increase with the goal of making a bigger profit.

In addition, Danilo does not have the best moment with the Palmeiras shirt, as he was heavily criticized by the fans and even coach Abel’s speech drew attention: “I know very well that players aged 16, 17, 18, 25 and 30 need that. We believe in them.” Like Lopez and Rooney… We have to help and realize that these players work a lot and that it’s normal for any player to go through good and bad phases. About Danilo: It was really bad to be transferred to the national team.”