July 20, 2024

18-year-old Piauiense is second overall in a computer science course at USP

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18-year-old Piauiense is second overall in a computer science course at USP
18-year-old Piauiense is second overall in a computer science course at USP

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Focus on studies. This is the motto of 18-year-old Arthur Quirós Moura from Piauí, who came second in the computer science course in the University of São Paulo (USP) entrance exam, one of the most popular exams in Brazil. The entrance examination is conducted by Fuvest and the result was announced on February 11th.

Arthur Mora finished high school in 2021 and during his academic career he achieved many Olympic victories, especially in the fields of mathematics, chemistry and physics.

Just last year, he won a gold medal in: the Kangaroo Math Olympiad, the Biawensee Chemistry Olympiad, the National Science Olympiad and the Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad.

With dedication to his studies, the student was able to excel in the USP entrance examination, ranking second overall in the Computer Science course and first in the course at the São Carlos campus, where he will study.

The student said to green city.

Arthur’s victory made his father, Orisio Moura, a mathematics teacher, very proud. “He has always distinguished himself in the Olympics, he has many victories. At first I helped him as much as possible in his studies, but when I developed the habit of studying, he did it on his own. We were pleased with the result, somehow expected approval, but not with such a good result, ”said the professor.

Focus on studies

The student stated that in order to pass the course and the university he wanted, he decided to focus on his studies. He studied at school from 1:20 PM to 7:00 PM, and still took extra lessons in the morning and evening to further his studies.

Photo: personal archive

Arthur Queiroz Moura is 18 years old

“I made sure to study for 4 to 6 hours a day and keep up with this pace of study. I did the school notebooks and made sure to follow the timetables for each subject,” said the young man.

He explained that computer science was always the course he wanted to study and that’s why he didn’t focus on looking for another course through Enem. Remind the student that he is excited about the opportunities he might have.

“What attracts me to this area is the fact that I have always been familiar with computers, as well as curious. It is also worth noting that there are many opportunities in the job market for those who take this course, such as web development and software engineering. Besides, I love doing programming and “instructing” the computer to do tasks through programming languages,” he said.

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