August 9, 2022
2 dead and 4 wounded in shooting at a shopping center in Boise |  Globalism

2 dead and 4 wounded in shooting at a shopping center in Boise | Globalism

Shooting at a shopping center in Boise City Idaho (United State), the left Two dead and four wounded This Monday (25). Local police said a person who is currently the only crime suspect is in prison.

Shots in Idaho – Map – Photo: g1

At a news conference this evening, Boise Police Department Chief Ryan Lee said the investigation is still ongoing. Currently, the authorities have not released the names of the victims or suspected perpetrators of the crime. Among the wounded is a policeman.

The motive for the crime remains unclear. Police chief Lee explained that officers were called in the early afternoon after a shooting was reported at the mall. The Associated Press reported that there were reports that someone had already been shot and killed at the scene.

Once there, they found a person with the characteristics described by witnesses as the suspect in the crimes. Police said the shootout began there. One of the officers was shot during the shooting.

“I have no way of gauging how traumatic this is to society as a whole, as well as to those who witnessed or to families who were involved in it,” he told me.

Thanks to the staff

Operations to ensure the security of the mall were delayed as authorities moved from store to store to see if there were more casualties or other potential criminals.

Boise Mayor, Democrat Lorraine McClain, lamented the deaths and thanked store owners and other center staff for their care after the crime.

“You have shown in a difficult and chaotic time how much you care and what you can do for people you don’t know,” he was quoted as saying by the Idaho Statesman.

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