July 24, 2024

2021 Multishow Prize: See the list of winners

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2021 Multishow Prize: See the list of winners
2021 Multishow Prize: See the list of winners

The Multishow 2021 Prize takes place today and selects the highlights of the Song Brazilian in general. Pablo VitarAnd Ivete Sangalo and duo Israel & Rodolffo are among the winners of the night.

The event, led by IZA and Tata Werneck, reveals the category winners by popular and professional vote. Plus the opening show with XuxaAwards show by Ivete Sangalo, Carlinhos Brown, Duda Beat, Barões da Pisadinha, MC Carol and more.

Xuxa, Juliette and Rodolffo: Multishow Award 2021 appearance

See the winners below

#superjuri categories announced ahead of the onstage awards ceremony:

year registration

  • Tropical win (Pablo Vitar)

clip of the year

  • Not at all (Duda Pet)

product of the year

year cover

  • First (Marina Sina)

After the award begins:

general weakness

  • Anna Vitoria
  • Henrique and Juliano
  • Israel and Rodolfo – the winners
  • Jorge E. Matthews
  • neto and cristiano outfit

overall performance

  • Anita
  • Gustavo Lima
  • Ivete Sangalo – Winner
  • Luisa Sunza
  • Pablo Vitar

hit anoo

  • “Cherry Lipstick” (Israel and Rodolfo) winner
  • “Baby Me Atende” (Mateos Fernandez and Delcinio)
  • “Deixa de Wave” (Denis, Ludmila and Shaman”
  • “Piece of My Line” (Joao Gomez)
  • “The Gin Kind” (Kevin, or Chris)

year group

  • Gilson
  • Less is more group
  • Lagom – Vinsidore
  • Pisadena Barons
  • naughty smile

Song of the Year (Super Jury)

public revelation (super jury)

  • sitting
  • Joao Gomez
  • Marina Sina – Winner

Album of the Year (Super Jury)

  • “First Class” (Marina Sina)
  • “Delta Estácio Blues” (Juçara Marçal) – Winner
  • vitreous eye

Prizes not announced yet

singer of the year

  • Delcinio
  • exterminator
  • Rust
  • Gustavo Lima
  • Luan Santana

song of the year

  • “Cherry Lipstick” (Israel and Rodolfo)
  • “Girl from Rio” (Anita)
  • “Brunette” (Loan Santana)
  • “Calm” (Marissa Monti)
  • “Gueto” (IZA)

Try it

  • Joao Gomez
  • L7nnon
  • Marina Sina
  • Matthews Fernandez
  • Joe Cowboy

This year’s TVZ clip

  • Attention (Pedro Sampaio feat. Luisa Sonza)
  • Girl from Rio (Anita)
  • Turbo mode (Luísa Sonza, Pabllo Vittar, Anitta)
  • Brunette (Loan Santana)
  • Queen of the favela (Ludmila)

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