March 22, 2023
"29 million reais";  Santos holds meeting to buy 26-year-old Gringo and give him to Odair in 2023

“29 million reais”; Santos holds meeting to buy 26-year-old Gringo and give him to Odair in 2023


Since Oder Hellmann’s arrival at the helm, the board has analyzed the market for the reinforcements the coach has requested.

🇧🇷 Photo: Alan Carvalho/agev“29 million reais”; Santos schedules a meeting to hire a giant Odair requests

With the arrival of the technician Oder Heilmann Responsible for the team and the board of directors saints Looking for reinforcements it will already be closed this week. With the arrival of the new football coordinator, Paulo Roberto Falcaodome Alvinegro Praiano Designed to strengthen the cast. In addition to evaluating names, they do a priority analysis Most needed site in the cast.

despite of understand the need To look for reinforcements in the market the board of directors maintains a certain caution not to engage in any financial madness. Being a competitive team, the team will need a large number of reinforcements. One of the names that has gained traction in Backstage club It’s the sock Franco Cristaldo🇧🇷

saints Offered $3.5 million, approx 18 million Brazilian reals Cristaldo’s current exchange rate, but Huracán is still not satisfied and asks for $5.5 million, close to 29 million Brazilian realsto say yes to selling Midfielder🇧🇷 Santos knows that Grêmio is interested and, therefore, will meet with the businessmen in order to close the deal to qualify the team for Oder Heilmann

Technical Committee on fish He still sees other positions missing in the team, such as midfielder, midfielder and forward. The Alvinegra Board contains a file List of players As a possibility for the next season and analyzes Possibility to find work.