November 28, 2023

3 PC habits that are killing your productivity

Nowadays, one of people’s biggest complaints is “lack of time”. Most of them feel as though time is passing faster than usual, especially when it comes to using technology.

However, it doesn’t even take experts to tell us that watches still contain the same amount of minutes, right? Thus, what happens is that this perception changes according to the way we manage our time.

The same thing happens with the use of the tools at our disposal, such as computers and smartphones. In order to be productive and not waste time, it is essential to avoid practices that end up hindering our performance in our daily tasks.

Thinking about it, below we list 3 situations that significantly reduce your productivity. Besides, see tips for improving your habits. Let’s go?

1. Don’t open multiple tabs at the same time

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Leaving multiple tabs open unnecessarily can hurt you when it comes to accessing the ones you really need. In addition to being a very common distraction, they impair your attention and focus, causing you to land on different pages than you really should be seeing.

Moreover, having too many tabs open can overload your computer’s RAM, hurting and slowing down its performance.

Therefore, try to leave open only those that you will really need to use at the moment. In this way, you avoid distractions and overloading your computer.

2. Spending too much time in front of a screen

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We know it’s impossible to get away from screens completely. Today, almost all activities are associated with digital technologies. In this way, it is important to be diligent in monitoring the amount of time you spend in front of a computer or using a cell phone.

It is because prolonged use of these tools can harm your physical and mental health. In this regard, research also indicates that the blue light emitted from screens can affect the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for our sleep.

This way, measure the time you use the device to avoid burnout that saps your productivity, as well as long-term impact issues, such as vision problems.

3. Distract yourself with the web version of social media

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Just like when using a smartphone, social media can be a distraction when using a computer.

Accessing profiles in the browser may take longer to complete the task. This is because the distraction of the displayed content causes your focus to break.

In this way, avoid leaving the grids open while you need to produce something specific and important on the computer.