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3 safe investments that yield more than savings

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3 safe investments that yield more than savings
3 safe investments that yield more than savings

When saving money left at the end of the month, it’s common for many people to opt for a traditional savings account. On the other hand, if the “Brazilian darling” is known for its security and high liquidity (the ability to get money back at any time), on the other hand, it offers a low return – and this lately does not even cover high inflation.

But how is the return on savings calculated? Why do you earn so little? What are the best investments for those who want to get out of savings? Felipe Bevilacoa, an analyst at Levante Ideias de Investimentos, answers these questions and reveals safe investments (that is, those with less risk) that pay more than savings.

How much do savings pay?

The profitability of savings, says Bevilacqua, can be determined by two arithmetic operations. And who decides which one to apply is the Selic base rate.

When the Selic rate is less than or equal to 8.5% per annum, the savings yield is equal to 70% of the Selic rate plus the reference rate (TR), which is calculated by the Central Bank (BC). When Selic is above 8.5%, the savings yield account changes to 0.5% per month plus TR.

However, to get the true dimension of how much this calculation represents in real values, it is necessary to keep in mind that TR has spent the past four years at zero. Even with Selic’s escalation, which caused the rate to leave 0% in December 2021, it still had little impact on ledger profitability.

“Given the probability that Selic’s rate will remain above 8.5% throughout 2022 – and may also remain at that level next year – we should use the second formula to calculate the savings account rate of return,” the analyst says. .

Which means that no matter how much the prime rate rises, the return on savings will be 0.5% per month plus TR.

Therefore, an investor who sets aside his money for savings accounts fails to take advantage of opportunities that arise in fixed income with a higher Selic rate.
philippe BevilacquaAnalyst at Levante Ideias de Investimentos

Applying this formula and taking into account the reference rate of about 0.04% per month set in December 2021, Bivilacoa firma The savings should provide a return of 6.69% per year, at face value.

According to forecasts in the Central Bank’s Market Focus Report, overall inflation should close at 5.50%.

who – which [possibilidade da inflação fechar o ano em 5,50%] It means that savings can provide real gains for investors in 2022, but this potential return remains well below the return provided by other equally safe investment methods.

Below, a Levante expert lists the low-risk investment options that every investor who wants to get out of savings needs to know.

Direct treasure - clone - clone

Treasury Direct is one of the investment methods which are indicated to have more income than savings; see below

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Safe investments out of savings

DI . money

DI funds (or DI Reference Fixed Income Funds) are intended to follow the CDI . ratean acronym for Interbank Certificate of Deposit, an instrument used for short-term interbank loans.

These funds are considered conservative investments because they offer low risk, as they allocate most of the equity in fixed income securities with an index return on the CDI or Selic rate.

“However, since they aim to pursue a CDI, the profitability of these funds is usually much higher than that of the savings, given that the CDI is currently in the 10.65% annual range, and tends to continue rising in Selic,” he says. Bivilacqua.

For him, “A direct investment fund that offers a return of over 100% CDI and that charges a small management fee is a great investment option for those who want to exit their savings in search of higher returns.”

To invest in a direct investment fund, you must have an account with a bank that offers such investments or with a stockbroking company.

The main advantages of this type of investment, according to the specialist, are daily profitability (income is paid daily) and instant payback.

Therefore, in addition to offering a more attractive rate of return, DI funds also have advantages that savings do not, such as daily liquidity, for example.


Certificates of bank deposits (CDBs) are another safe form of fixed income investment that offers a better return on savings.

By investing in a CDB, you are lending money to a financial institution, which in turn uses the collected money to give loans to its customers. CDBs can be either a fixed rate – with an interest rate specified at the time of investment – or a floating rate – of return linked to some index, such as a CDI or inflation.

In terms of security, CDBs – as well as savings – are covered by up to R$250,000 by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC), a private entity aimed at protecting depositors and investors within the national financial system. This coverage limit refers to the amount invested by the CPF and the financial institution, not to exceed R$1 million per investor every 4 years.

The Levante analyst states that the profitability of this type of investment varies a lot, and it is important for the investor to pay attention to some points.

It is necessary to check whether the CDB in question has a grace period, that is, the period during which you cannot recover the invested funds. It is also important to check whether the security provides daily liquidity or not. However, the longer the duration of the CDB, the better its profitability.

direct treasure

Government bonds available for purchase in direct treasure Another investment option that offers low risk and more attractive return than savings.

When you invest in government bonds, you lend money to the federal government, which uses these resources to fund its activities and, in return, gives you rewards.

The securities available for purchase in Treasury Direct are divided into three classes (Prefixed Treasury, Selic Treasury and IPCA + Treasury), which are determined according to the way their profitability is calculated.

  • advance treasure: profitability is not correlated with any indicator, but is determined at the time of investment;
  • Selek’s TreasureProfitability related to the basic interest rate;
  • Tesouro HICP +Inflation-related profitability

In addition to, Bevilacqua says so It is important to pay attention to the maturity date of these securities. They range from those whose maturities occur on a shorter time horizon, around two years, to those with longer maturities, in excess of 30 years.

Therefore, you should always invest in bonds with maturities that align with your goals, and not allocate your equity in bonds with very long maturities if you intend to get that money in a short time.

To invest in Tesouro Direto, simply register with an approved bank or stock broker and invest directly through the foundation’s website or through the Tesouro Direto platform.

It’s time to get out of the savings

Although the savings account still relies on millions of Brazilians joining in with its practicality and ease of access, Bevilacqua declares that “It is important to look for other investment options that provide a more attractive return if the intent is to protect your assets from inflation and to obtain real gains from your investments.”

For a Levante specialist, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are safe options such as savings, which benefit from the high Selic rate, being large investments in the current conditions.

access here Levante full report on safe investments out of savings.

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