August 17, 2022
3 toxic situations to recognize in a relationship

3 toxic situations to recognize in a relationship

One Link A good and healthy relationship between two people should be built on respect, loyalty and love, no matter how long they have been together. In some cases, love and the fear of losing another is so great that it can make us unable to see that the relationship is toxic and that it would be better if it ended, to avoid further suffering in the future. If you check it now Attitudes that are toxic for you to identify in a relationship And watch out for the tags.

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What is a toxic relationship?

According to Dr. Lillian Glass, a specialist in communication and psychology, and the creator of the term “toxic people,” toxic relationships are: any relationship between people who don’t support each other, where there is conflict and they try to destroy each other, there is competition and disrespect.

We know that no relationship is perfect, and that all relationships experience arguments, ups and downs. However, a toxic relationship is one in which the bad times happen much more often than the good times.

3 toxic situations you need to know

  • Putting others in the middle of battle

When couples have mutual friends, friends rarely have an opinion to give when they know there is a quarrel, and even more so without mixing up the feelings that follow and without undermining the neutrality of the friendship.

If dividing the problem into two parts is already difficult to solve, imagine that you have to coordinate with people outside the relationship. So understand the potential consequences before you involve others in your situation.

  • Manipulate the other and try to control his movements

This is a feature people often don’t realize, but if you need to report when you got out, or text every 5 minutes to say you’re okay, tell them what you’re doing or who you are with these are the indicators and situations that make up a toxic relationship.

When one insists on manipulating the other, causing feelings of guilt or inferiority, the damage they do is noticeable. Also, when it becomes unbearable, it is better for both of you to end the relationship.

  • rudeness with words

Sometimes a toxic relationship is characterized by physical abuse, but in other cases there are words that hurt just as much. When your partner yells at you, makes hurtful comparisons, or insists that someone else is better, these are clear signs that the relationship is over. arbitrary We must not live.