July 18, 2024

4 Chinese cars can reach the Brazilian car market

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4 Chinese cars can reach the Brazilian car market
4 Chinese cars can reach the Brazilian car market

The Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors announced last Thursday (27) its ambitious plans for Brazil. The brand will invest nearly $10 billion to establish itself in the country. Initially , Chinese Operations will start with cars Imported, however, forecasts that there will be production on the Brazilian territory until the second half of 2023.

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GWM focuses on pickups and SUVs, with all models having hybrid or electric drive. Although there is no confirmation yet on which cars will be marketed, the manufacturer said it will sell cars from four sub-brands in the country.

Sub-brands HAVAL and TANK specialize in SUVs, and Boer in pickup trucks. ORA launches as the first fully electric national vehicle brand. So, check out more details about each of these brands now.


This line focuses on the SUV segment, and is oriented mostly towards urban use. However, Haval models can also face trails, as GWM has ensured their vehicles are equipped with 4×4 traction.


Tank also focuses its efforts on SUVs, but its main focus is on the most complex designs suitable for off-road driving. Its range includes the most luxurious and detailed SUVs from the automaker.


On the other hand, Poer focuses on the pickup truck business. Oswaldo Ramos, GWM’s commercial director, says he understands the difficulties of competing in such a consolidated segment in Brazil. “We do clinics with farmers, but also with potential audiences to understand what they want in the car,” the executive says. One way to stand out is by launching “Disruptive” products, which consist of a line of hybrid pickup trucks.

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ORA will arrive in the country at a later time. The brand promises to be the first with a full range of electric models. Therefore, ORA is expected to develop if there is an improvement in the infrastructure of charging points in Brazil.

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