March 30, 2023

4 great tips for reusing books you no longer care about

People who have a strong habit reading They usually have a lot of physical books in the house. The downside is that by making changes, many can end up deteriorating over time.

And even if you’re not moving, you’ve probably already read all of our books And you no longer want to read it again. So consider simply getting rid of them. But don’t throw it away, because we have four very good tips for solving this problem.

Learn what you can do with books you no longer want

1. Donate

One of the best options is a donation, because many people want to read a book, but they don’t have it financial circumstances to buy them.

So this is a very viable option, since you won’t be using it anymore. There are other people who are willing to give them a new home and lots of love and care for them.

Where can you take your books? easy! LibrariesChurches, NGOs, or anywhere else that accepts used but in good condition books to give to others. Make sure it is not patchy, fungus or pest, or poorly attached.

2. Sell

But if you need the money, selling it is a good idea. This is also a good option for not just throwing it in the trash. In the case of very expensive books that are still in good condition, selling is the best thing you can do. And you can do this through reliable sites, such as: Mercado Livre, Enjoei or OLX.

Another way is to set up a mini-market, or thrift store, with decent prices and in your town. Who knows, maybe even create a group of people interested in buying used books on the Internet ?!

3. The swap

So that no one loses out on getting rid of the book, the sensible thing to do is to replace it. For active readers, it’s better than selling or donating, because you’re buying a book you’ve never read by giving away one you already know.

You can also do this through websites, with your closest colleagues, or by creating an exchange group. There are specific online communities for this, so just join and see where you can get your new books.

4. Recycling

In the same way as a file Recycling From paper, books are made. So, by contacting your city hall or someone who works with your local recycling center, you may be able to get help to make this more practical.

But even with all of these options, one of them is recycling at home. This is because not every book is suitable for recycling due to the way it is produced and what is present in its composition, such as some adhesives that are harmful to the recycling process.

So, you can convert it to the for element decor, chest, wall niche or table. These are just some ideas.