February 6, 2023

4 points from Lula’s government, which led to a loss of the index by more than 3,000 points – Money Times

With international markets closed due to the New Year crisis, it was up to the local scene to ‘steal’ the scene (Photo: REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli)

a ibovespa (ibov) by 3.06%, to 106,376.02 points, with the uncertainty facing the government Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Who took office last Sunday (01).

With international markets closed due to the New Year’s crisis, it was up to the local scene to “steal” the scene.

Lola and Ibovespa speech

Doubts centered mainly on the president’s speeches yesterday during his inauguration.

in the lines, Lola He called the spending cap “stupid” and criticized the governance of state-owned enterprises and spoke of new labor reform.

He talks a lot about left-wing ideals in which state participation is one of the pillars of economic development. Leandro Petrocas, from Quantzied, said he spoke very critically about promises to review more liberal policies.

for a team Investment guidespeeches Lola On Sunday, they referred to “their previous governments, whether in success or in mistakes.”

The President’s remarks are not new, as XP Investimentos In a note to clients earlier, they reinforced economic guidelines announced during the campaign.

But it also does not give rest to business, because signs, mainly financial, remain negative.

Cancellation and state

Between yesterday and today, Lula also announced the “cancellation” of the procedures, including the withdrawal of six companies from the privatization plan, such as Mail and the Petrobras (PETR4) which collapsed by 6%.

In the case of the oil company, Senator Jean-Paul Pratiss has been announced as the new CEO.

for a team genetic investmentThe beginning of the new government was marked by distrust of the private sector.

The first steps have already been taken, the choice of a senator Jean Paul Pratis To the leadership of Petrobras stresses that the pricing policy must change over the next few months, he said in comments to clients on Monday.

a Bank of Brazil (BBAS3) also sharply after the announcement of the appointment of Tarciana Medeiros as CEO. Medeiros holds a degree in business administration and joined the bank in 2000.

Although declining, the investment wages In a comment sent to clients, she said that the decision is relatively positive, as the CEO has a lot of experience in the bank, having gone through different departments throughout her 22 years as an employee.

Extending the fuel tax exemption

The end of the tax exemption date gasolinewhich would ease the financial situation of the states and the country, was well received by the markets.

But the political wing won the dispute with Haddad and managed to extend the measure for another two months, avoiding the wear and tear of the increase in fuel prices in the first months of the government.

From the point of view of Meta Asset Partner and Strategist Alexandre Póvoa, the market understands this, unlike Antonio Palucci from 2003, Smith Will not be able to be a shield for Lola More aggressive and intrusive than it was 20 years ago.

First, an unfortunate statement (Lula) calling the spending cap “stupid.” Then he opposes Haddad on the issue of fuel price hikes, which is important for the public accounts,” he said.

Two things are clear: the new government is more populist and spendthrift and there seems to be some inconsistency between Willa Lola And the SmithNexgen Capital partner Felipe Isaacs noted.

Even Haddad’s inaugural address wasn’t enough to calm the spirits. The minister indicated that the financial framework that will be presented this chapter needs to be reliable and prove the sustainability of public finances, and that he will not accept a financial result this year that is no less than the current deficit forecast of 220 billion riyals.

strategists who BTG Charter He highlighted that fiscal concerns are high on the political agenda and that to avoid a further deterioration in state risks, worsening growth and worse inflation, the new government may have to take countervailing measures to fund more spending.