July 14, 2024

470,000 people will be able to withdraw more than R$1,000

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470,000 people will be able to withdraw more than R$1,000
470,000 people will be able to withdraw more than R$1,000

Return forgotten amounts in banks May resume soon! According to data provided by the Central Bank (BC), more than R$4.6 billion is available. About 470,000 people who have more than a thousand riyals are forgotten and stuck in institutions. The expectation is that all of that money will be back in the hands of its owners.

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In this way, the second phase of consultations with System of Values ​​Receivable (SVR) It was supposed to happen on the 2nd of May. However, due to the entity servers strike, the process has been paused. It should be noted that the strike took place between April and July, affecting the entire workflow of the institution.

Forgotten funds: what amounts to withdraw?

According to standard instructions on the subject published in November, the banks Required to send information regarding forgotten amounts to BC. Thus, three types of values ​​are reported:

  • Recording accounts maintained by stock brokerages to record customer transactions that have already been completed, but with an available balance;
  • Closed and prepaid payment accounts that still contain amounts;
  • Other cases recognized by financial institutions.

In this way the amounts that have been forgotten are distributed in the accounts as follows:

  • 23.58 million account holders: up to R$10 (68% of the total);
  • R$7.94 million: between R$10 and R$100 (23%);
  • 2.86 million: between one hundred and one thousand riyals (8%);
  • 476.5 thousand: more than one thousand riyals (1%).

All information sent to central bank It is already being evaluated and will be available to Brazilians once the SVR reopens. The entity claims to be working on improvements to the system, with the aim of facilitating access and including new types of values, such as withdrawals of heirs and legal representatives of the deceased.

The values ​​available by the death of citizens will also be available in the system Once it is reopened. The release date will likely be from January, as improvements will be made by then.

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