September 25, 2022
5 apps that rocked in Brazil, but you don't remember

5 apps that rocked in Brazil, but you don’t remember

Applications are part of the lives of many Brazilians, right? Many people are constantly using apps like The WhatsAppAnd the Instagram And the Facebookbut there are some that come along, get a fever, and end up forgetting after a while.

Take a look at the list below and check out five apps that rocked in Brazil, but you might not remember anymore!

1. Tumblr

One of the applications that has been very popular, and is available, is tumblr (Android | iOS)! The platform is known for publishing artwork and a few years ago it was very popular, but nowadays Brazilians don’t remember it, right?

Photo: Adrien/Unsplash/Canaltech

2. Flappy Bird

Another app that has had a fever in Brazil is Flappy Bird! It was something we were talking about at the time because it was so challenging, but at the same time, addictive, right? Unfortunately, it has been removed from the app stores and few people remember it nowadays.

3. Four Square

Foursquare characters (Android | iOS) is another app from the list available in the app stores. It worked like this: When you hit a restaurant or club, you can inform your followers by doing this check in. It was a simple yet great way to connect with others.

4. Vine

Short video content is very popular and we can say that Vine was the pioneer! The app was very popular in Brazil, mainly with short humorous videos, but it fell into oblivion and when you get to the app or website, a message appears about archiving the service.

5. The club

End of 2020 Clubhouse (Android | iOS) One bubble Popular and a lot of people commented on the social network, right? She relied only on voice conversations, and the ability to communicate with her friends or strangers. She’s still active, but you probably don’t remember much about her, right?

Which of these apps do you use the most, or which ones? Share this text with your friends and I’ll be back with more nostalgia sessions!

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