May 31, 2023

5 Cheap REITs With Gains Up To 13.5% To Buy In May, According To Empiricus Research – Money Times

See our list of recommendations for five REITs that are trading below book value and could pay up to 13.5% in dividends this year.. (Photo: Montague/Shutterstock)

After serving the period of the epidemic, he is severely punished and forgotten by investors and investors Real estate funds Looks like he’s back.

As evidence of this, the month of April saw a strong recovery of the fisheries industry. a ifixThe REIT ended the month up 3.5%, marking its first positive result for the year.

All this after taking investors by surprise last month, when at least five real estate funds canceled monthly dividends.

After a couple of years of “troublesome times,” real estate funds are getting cheap, and for some analysts, this is an opportunity for the investor.

This is an opportunity to purchase some quality FIIs for a lot less than what they’re actually worth.

However, it is worth remembering that the fact that real estate funds are now cheap does not mean that they are all a good deal. Sometimes a FII is cheap just because it’s bad and because its asset value is outdated.

This is why, in the opinion of analysts at Empiricus Research, the quality and durability of FIIs are more important than just a “bargain.”

The real opportunity is when you are lucky enough to buy good money at bargain price.

I would like to talk next about this particular opportunity. Empiricus Research analysts have selected 5 cheap, high-quality real estate funds to buy now.

Ibovespa is being “in slippers” – real estate funds are already overvaluing stocks

But, if you’re still not entirely convinced of the appreciation potential of REITs, pay attention to the chart below.

It shows the performance of Ifix (orange line), the main index of real estate funds, compared to Ibovespa (blue line), the main stock index of the Brazilian Stock Exchange, in the past year.

Source: Google Finance. The period from July 2022 to May 2023.

As you can see, even at the current post-crisis levels, fisheries companies are outperforming the profitability of the major publicly listed companies.

At the moment, they are already showing some reactions, but they are still far from achieving their full potential. To give you an idea, there are some funds they trade with discounts over 13%It is a high percentage from the point of view of analysts.

As a result, stock appreciation alone would be a good reason to invest in REITs now. But, it should be noted that in addition to this appreciation, fisheries investors have the possibility of receiving “rents” every month.

Just like stock stocks, when you become a shareholder in a real estate fund, you are entitled to earnings. They’re paid monthly, as if they were “rentals,” but with a difference: they don’t give you any kind of headache.

While investors who own physical property suffer from the bureaucracy and stress of dealing with tenants, those who buy FII shares earn a monthly amount without putting in any effort. And the best part, With exemption from income tax.

The truth is that real estate funds are the easiest and smartest way to make money from real estate, precisely for the following reasons:

  • It’s cheap. 100 riyals is already enough to provide the opportunity to invest in large real estate projects without owning one of them;
  • No bureaucracy. You won’t have to deal with requests and expenses related to condos, renovations, maintenance, and everything else that involves owning physical property.

And if the fisheries companies are “well off” with Ifix, then there is a portfolio of real estate funds that managed to beat its benchmark.

The portfolio of real estate funds recommended by Empiricus Research analysts, in April, was A estimate 5.73%surpassing Ifix, which advanced 3.52% in the period.

The good news is that if you like, you can learn about recommended FIIs Free.

You may be leaving money on the table if you don’t invest in these five elements

FII selection consisted of 5 assets from different sectors and trading strategies the actingin order to achieve diversification in the investor’s portfolio.

However, they do have some common characteristics:

  1. are negotiating with discounted in relation to its book valuethat is, it is cheaper than it should be;
  2. You can afford it earnings “Fat” this year, in some cases even double digits.

And like I said, the good news is that you can Learn all 5 pointers without paying anything.

This is because Empiricus Investimentos, the group broker, is releasing access to the report with 5 FIIs as a courtesy to anyone interested.

Therefore, if you have some cash on hand and want the safety of real estate, you should at least know the analysts’ recommendations. Otherwise, you might be leaving a lot of money on the table this year…

All you need to do to find out the indicators is to click on the link below and create a file Free registration To receive the report via e-mail: