July 14, 2024

5 foods that strengthen immunity and prevent yourself

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Respiratory diseases and viral infections experienced a significant increase at the beginning of the year, particularly in Brazilian capitals. The situation sparked a warning about a flu spikeWhich prompted many people to resume the care that was adopted at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Amidst the anxiety of the new and old contract diseasesIncreased demand for natural products that boost immunity. Discover five foods to keep your immune system working and fight potential infections.

1 – Honey with Propolis

This popular blend is powerful for strengthening the immune system. Honey has an antimicrobial function that acts on the respiratory system. Propolis also prevents inflammation and inflammation, so when combined they have a powerful effect on the body.

2 – Brazil nuts

the food Rich in substances that help the immune system function properly, such as vitamin E, calcium and magnesium Nutritionist Cynthia Morin.

3- Hot soups and broths

Hot foods and drinks can relieve some symptoms of the flu because they increase the flow of nasal secretions in someone who is already sick. “Squash with ginger, beans, and the famous green broth are great recipe options for those feeling unwell. Tip: Pay attention to garlic when preparing it because the spice, in addition to being delicious, is rich in vitamin A and C, which helps the immune system function,” says Cynthia.

4 – citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps the immune system function well. Some examples are: oranges, kiwis, lemons and tangerines. Oranges also contribute to delaying aging and preventing anemia, and they can be eaten fresh or even Juices and gels,” explains the nutritionist.

5 – oats

Oats are an excellent source of fiber, improve the functioning of the digestive system, which increases immunity. Food also contains other substances important for the body’s defense, such as zinc, copper, iron, calcium and magnesium.

The correct way to prevent viral infection is to take the measures recommended by health authorities, such as taking vaccinations, avoiding agglomerations, wearing masks, and maintaining good hygiene. The above tips do not replace seeking medical advice and isolation if any symptoms appear.

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