November 28, 2023

5 Messenger functions exclusive to iPhone

It is not new that we realize that Android and iOS systems are always different in terms of offering the same applications. In other words, this means that apps like WhatsApp, for example, on Android may offer some functions and appearances that differ from what Apple users think of them.

So, individuals who are using the iOS operating system can find some different functions within the app. Thinking about these differences, we have compiled a list of five of these topics. see below!

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From now on, you can check out some of the differences that can be easily found in WhatsApp for iPhone owners.

1. Account authentication

Meta messenger users with an iPhone can authenticate their accounts in the app with Face ID or Touch ID. Function not available for Android users.

2. Messaging via Siri

Another feature that we can also highlight on our list is the possibility of allowing you to send any message in the application through Siri, which is nothing more than Apple’s virtual assistant.

3. Integration with CarPlay

The Meta app allows the app on the iPhone to allow CarPlay integration. In other words, anyone driving will be able to interact via voice while driving.

4. Original photo and video quality

And as a fourth function, WhatsApp on iPhone gives individual permission to share photos and videos in their original format, which is completely different from Android, lowering the quality to send the file faster.

5. Share location “forever”

And as the fifth function available to users, there is the possibility of making your location available to contacts, however, for an indefinite period. The same cannot be done on Android, where the location stays only for eight hours.

And then, comment below if you already know about all these differentiated functions.