October 1, 2023

5 tips to help you plan an economical trip

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Planning a trip requires organization and consideration of the costs involved. It’s true that travel can be expensive, but with proper planning and a few tips, you can fit your expenses into your budget, big or small.

The answer to the question “How much does travel cost?” It is a bit complicated as it is subject to individual traveler preferences. While some people are willing to forgo the convenience and perks in order to have more time at the destination, others prefer to travel in a group to share the expenses.

So, to help you with this choice, we’ve created a post with some travel tips to ensure a trip without financial surprises, from start to finish. paying off!

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5 tips for a safe and economical trip

Choose destinations that are less explored

Choosing a destination and purchasing tickets are some of the first steps to consider, as they are usually the most expensive items. Traveling within your state can be more economical than traveling to another country.

However, if you want to travel internationally, it’s a good idea to look for destinations that are less explored, as countries that are very popular with tourists tend to be more expensive. For example, in 2019, France was the most visited country in the world, and a single ticket to Paris costs an average of R$2,811.

Look for countries where the rial has a better standing

The exchange rate also affects flight costs, as most flight expenses are in dollars. This makes tickets more expensive for those in Brazil. However, it is possible to overcome this situation by looking for countries where the riyal has a more favorable position in relation to the local currency.

Track prices and have more flexibility with dates

Airline tickets often make up a large part of a travel budget. Airfare inflation has been on the rise lately, making it a concern for travelers.

It is important to monitor values, use search engines and activate price alerts to take advantage of any promotions. Having more flexibility on travel dates certainly also helps in finding cheaper tickets.

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Book accommodation in advance

Another aspect to consider is hosting costs. Purchasing in advance can guarantee better rates, as well as give you time to read reviews from other travelers to avoid unpleasant surprises.

There are various accommodation options, such as hotels, hostels, or home rentals, depending on the traveler’s preferences and needs.

Set a daily limit for food and transportation expenses

Food and transportation are also costs to consider. Setting a daily spending limit on food helps keep your budget in check. It is possible to research prices and promotions, avoid the more expensive tourist establishments and take advantage of private groups.

For transportation, it is important to research public transportation fares and consider alternatives such as transit apps or even taking shorter routes.

In addition, it is worth emphasizing the importance of assessing the need for travel insurance. Although it is not mandatory in many countries, it is highly recommended because the costs of emergency medical care can be very high.

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