August 18, 2022
5 Weird Reasons That Can Prevent You From Flying

5 Weird Reasons That Can Prevent You From Flying

If you are looking forward to on a planeKnow that there are some strange reasons that may prevent you from traveling by plane. Be careful not to fall under any of the items below.

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Weird reasons may prevent you from flying

1 – unsuitable structure of the equipment

There are airlines that can prevent you from traveling for physical reasons. This is because the passenger seat belt must be fastened to ensure his safety during the flight. Of course, the topic is controversial and companies are already working on implementing private seats on planes. By the way, people who have lengthened a lot can also face problems and obstacles.

2 – You could be a victim of overbooking

Some airlines may sell more tickets than they have seats on the flight. This can prevent you from traveling by plane, even if you object to buying boarding with the staff and flight attendants. Overbooking happens and can affect you, too.

3- Inappropriate language can prevent you from traveling by plane

If you use a lot of profanity and are caught doing this on the plane before boarding the plane, you may be “invited” to leave. There is no point in complaining, as this may be described in the Rules of Use of the Service that you have agreed to as a customer.

4 – He doesn’t like Christmas

This happened at LaGuardian Airport in New York City, USA (USA). A passenger was denied boarding after rudely replying to a “Happy Birthday” from the person responsible for boarding the plane. This act was against company policies and the customer was removed from that flight to applause from the entire cabin.

5- Stink can prevent you from traveling by plane

If something is on you or something smells bad, the company may prevent you from flying. So be aware of what you take on the flight. By the way, barefoot is also a good reason for this.