July 24, 2024

50 U.S. airports will be 5G isolated zones

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50 U.S. airports will be 5G isolated zones
50 U.S. airports will be 5G isolated zones
 50 airports will be 5G isolated zones in the United States.Credit: Freepik
Credit: Freepik

Will be to the United States 50 airports The country’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a 5G-free zone after operators turned on fifth-generation service from January 19. The measure is aimed at avoiding high risks of disruption.

Factors such as traffic volume, days with low visibility and limited geographical location of airports without 5G. These include Los Angeles International Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare and Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport. These three are one of the largest airports in the United States.


The operators who purchased the 5G bands agreed to turn off the transmitters and make other changes near the airports for six months. The aim is to minimize possible 5G interference with sensitive aircraft equipment used in low visibility landings.

Prior to that, AT&T and Verizon had voluntarily terminated the delivery of the fifth generation two weeks after concluding a voluntary agreement with the aviation industry. Contracts with the aviation industry to find ways to mitigate interruptions at priority airports during the contract period. Since the helicopters are not subject to contract, the auctioneers and the FAA will continue to work on the matter.

It was The second delay On the US 5G network developed by AT&T and Verizon at the request of the aviation division. The first delay came in early November after the FAA said there could be potential interruptions from 5G towers on the ground. The carriers denied the need for additional security and argued that the evidence did not show that 5G signals could interfere with the equipment on board.

The launch of 5G networks sent by 21 airlines is scheduled for December 5th. Paper Asks for a second adjournment. The document called for cooperation between US President Joe Biden’s National Economic Council (NEC), the FAA and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Here in Brazil, as expected by Tele.Síntese in November, 5G interruption in air conditioning systems was made possible by Anac and Anatel discussing the best technical solution to avoid problems.. (With press release)


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