February 2, 2023
550-year-old evidence may reveal the origins of vampires;  You understand

550-year-old evidence may reveal the origins of vampires; You understand

The trio of scientists hope to discover information about the origins and life of the man who inspired the creation of the vampire Count Dracula. This would be possible based on a method they have developed that collects and interprets the biochemical effects of historical figures.

The duo told the British newspaper that Gleb and Svetlana Zilberstein, who were born in Kazakhstan and live in Tel Aviv, Israel, have collaborated with Professor Pier Giorgio Righetti, of the Polytechnic University of Milan, in an attempt to reconstruct historical figures from their genetic data. Watchman.

The methodology involves collecting genetic material found in saliva, sweat, and fingerprints left on documents that a specific person has touched. In this case, they’re looking for clues in letters written by Vlad Dracula over 500 years ago, the inspiration for the author’s character Bram the Vampire. stoker.

Also known as “Vlad the Impaler”, was a prince of Wallachia, present-day southern Romania, who was known for his brutality against enemies by displaying their bodies hanging from stakes.

According to the scientists, the relics dubbed “historical biomolecules” were analyzed in terms of their composition and ages. In addition, they provide information about the individual’s health, lifestyle, nutrition, and even the environmental conditions of the place where he lives.

In May, Gleb and Svetlana, self-proclaimed “historical alchemists”, were in Transylvania examining the manuscript written for the people of Sibiu, in present-day Romania, on August 4, 1475, as it was announced that the emperor would move to the city.

Letter written by Vlad the Impaler on August 4, 1475

Photo: Disclosure/Gleb Zilberstein

Through the analysis, the scientists hope to depict Vlad Dracula’s molecular conditions at the time he handled the letter, including data about “what he ate and what the atmosphere was like around him.”

Although they deny planning the date, it coincides with the 125th anniversary of the publication that gave rise to the vampire Dracula. To the Guardian, Gleb cited the dark events of that day.

“All night after the extraction of the Dracula particles it rained, dogs howling and flashing lightning. It was a very magical atmosphere. Count Dracula blessed its release from the Romanian archives,” he said.

The biochemical analysis method developed by the trio was previously used in the original manuscript of “The Master and Margarita”, written by Mikhail Bulgakov. Then they began to “investigate George Orwell’s letter to Moscow” and found “traces of it.” tuberculosiswith whom he contracted in Spain.