November 28, 2022
5G in Sao Paulo: Watch the speed tests at points of the city |  technology

5G in Sao Paulo: Watch the speed tests at points of the city | technology

Although activate 5G main band In São Paulo, this Thursday (4), there is still little access to the new generation of mobile Internet. In addition to the need for compatible mobile phones, there is a lack of antennas: 1,378 have been installed according to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), but coverage is still only 25% of the urban area.

during the morning, g 1 I achieved a download speed of about 500 Mbps (megabits per second) download speed with the connection in the Centro Cultural São Paulo area, near Avenida 23 de Maio, and 400 Mbps at Avenida Paulista. This is a much higher value than 4G, which can go up to around 100Mbps in good conditions.

on social networks, Lots of people complained about the lack of access. Some who have 5G name on their mobile screen have complained about low speed or flickering.

São Paulo is the Brazilian city with the largest number of mobile phone lines (27.7 million) and the largest number of cell phones (77.6 million).

But the Monitoring Group for the Implementation of Band Interference Solutions (Gaispi) estimates that at this first moment, the capital will have only 25% of the metropolitan area with 5G coverage.

According to Anatel, the 1,378 transmitter antennas that must be operational from Thursday represent three times the minimum needed for the agency to allow Activation in the 3.5GHz bandthe most important one of the 5G networks.

But the number is much lower than the 4,592 stations in other regions (4G, 3G) located in the capital, São Paulo.

The point is to have a 5G-enabled mobile phone: See the list

For those who own it, the capital’s three biggest phone companies (Claro, TIM and Vivo) make it clear that nothing needs to be done to “activate” 5G: it takes effect automatically when the device is close to the antenna.

Will it cost more? Should you change the SIM card?

As for the use, companies have different rules and requirements. See what they say:

Claro connects to the 5G+ service and knows that it will not be necessary to change a SIM card or purchase a new mobile data plan. The operator says it will have antennas in 52 districts in the capital, São Paulo.

Customers using a 4G chip already have non-standalone 5G access (NSA)which began to be rolled out by the operator at the end of 2021. In terms of speed, it offers the same “pure” or “standalone” (SA) 5G experience, which is now on offer.

But SA has a shorter response time: it’s the kind of 5G that will make as much headway in the future as car sharing.

They both use the band that will be activated on Thursday, but the NSA also has another band, at 2.3GHz, so it reigns supreme in Brazil and the world.

especially To access 5G SA with vivo You will need to use a compatible chip with technology. The operator did not inform the price.

Customers will be able to access both types of 5G for free, with no additional plan charges.

The operator says that 5G will be in 54 districts of the capital. The points in the southern and western regions of the capital of São Paulo are those with the most connectivity, especially in the area of ​​Vila Olympia, Item Pepe, Cidade Monses. On Avenida Paulista, the coverage area is at the height of the Parque Trianon.

who also uses tim You will need to activate a new planwhich will be released on August 18, To access a “pure” 5G network (SA). The chip is not required to be replaced. The company says access to the 5G NSA will have no additional charge.

This offer will contain a bundle of 50GB of internet, including game content and It will be free for 12 months after activation. This Thursday (4), it informed the operator that it will provide service in all neighborhoods of the capital São Paulo, with more than a thousand antennas installed by the end of August.