November 30, 2023

6 Free Mobile Apps Everyone Should Have

There are thousands of application options to download to your cell phone. Lots can be a great choice for everyday life and make life easier for the user. However, with so many possibilities available, it’s hard to know which app might be a good solution. With this in mind, some useful apps have been listed to simplify and direct your daily tasks.

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There are mobile programs that go beyond practical tools like GPS, note-taking, etc. Some applications can increase information security, edit photos, and improve urban mobility. Check out the download suggestions below:

1 – Moffett

Moovit is a free app, available for Android and iOS, that promises to make urban navigation easier. It allows the user to know the routes and transportation lines in their area of ​​residence / residence. It is possible to find out the times of buses, trains and subways, for example. All information is provided in real time.

2 – Canvas

If you work on the internet or use social networks and streaming platforms a lot, you must know Canva. The app can be accessed on desktop, Android, and iOS. Allows for quick and creative edits to any type of artwork. In addition, Canva has a huge collection of images, images, GIFs and videos, for example. If using Photoshop is too complicated for you, then Canva is definitely a good choice. It’s free, but it has paid packages.

3 – the idea

Notion offers solutions for creating menus, saving files and media, and applying code. It is a free but payable app that supports Android and iOS. It is a great tool for organizing tasks, controlling production, creating projects, etc.

4 – Password

Without a doubt, password is one of the best app tips. With so many passwords for different products and services, it is possible that some of them have been lost. Password is a free app (with purchase option) that securely manages passwords. Also, it can generate and suggest secure passwords for your accounts.

5 – Mobils

Mobills, available for Android and iOS, is a financial control solution. The goal is to manage personal or professional expenses. One difference is the display of graphics, to make it easier for users to read and understand. The app is free, but it has paid plan options.

6 – Microsoft lens

This free app is one of the most versatile tools available for Android and iOS. Through Microsoft Lens it is possible to scan documents in PDF format, for example. You can extract tables, text, and images from a book or other printed material. All this is done from a cell phone camera.