February 6, 2023

6 places where you can get values

Even if you have amounts to receive, it is possible that the person may not know that they have forgotten that money. Learn where to find it.

According to Serasa, in 2022 there will be about 67 million Brazilians in debt. However, a part of the indebted population can ease their financial situation with the possibility of forgetting some money.

After all, the worker has a series of money and rights, but sometimes this kind of information is not given the weight it should be given.

In this way, it is important to point out the places where there may be money that residents have forgotten. Thus, when these values ​​exist, the individual can organize his financial life. Whether it is to pay off debt, go on a trip, or make an investment.

6 places to “find” forgotten money

In short, it is possible to search for forgotten money in different ways. In this case, the distinction goes down to 6 options. They are:

  • fgts🇧🇷
  • central bank;
  • INSS.
  • Income tax;
  • the lottery;
  • Pis / Pasep.


Initially, you should research the amounts that the FGTS Fund will receive. An important device within Social Security, one can forget about this option and have money hidden in the FGTS.

There are currently 90,000 inactive FGTS accounts, which boosts the possibility. To execute the query, you only need to access square site🇧🇷

2. The Central Bank

Another frequent option is Central Bank, BC. In short, Bacen himself made consultations available to the population to check if the CPF had something to receive.

Thus, this is an interesting alternative for those who are in doubt. However, according to BC, the next consultation should take place in 2023, with the release of R$4 billion for public consultation.


With the INSS Benefits Review, a portion of the population may be entitled to earn refunds. That is, when the amount exists, it is paid by the Federal Territorial Courts of the respective region. If there are doubts about whether you can get an amount, just reach out to the TRF in your area.

4. Income tax

Even if Federal Revenue, the body responsible for the IR, has paid the refund, there is a chance that the citizen may have forgotten the money. To consult and confirm the presence or absence of this value, you just need to access IRS Web site🇧🇷


After PIS/Pasep review and salary bonus many people started getting debt receivable. According to the FGTS, the issuing body, people who worked between 2016 and 2020 can get PIS/Pasep amounts.

Thus, the launch of the values ​​will take place on December 29, 2022. If the citizen has not done the consultation, in Worker Box app, For example, you will have to wait for the next release date to be announced.

6. The lottery

Finally, the lottery is also the possibility of getting some unexpected value. In short, a person can play and win, however, by not checking the coupon, they end up ignoring that value.

The period of withdrawal of this forgotten money is 90 days, and the query can be made through the lottery website itself.

Photo: Brastock/Shutterstock.com