March 22, 2023
6-year-old boy refuses to take off the mask: "I always listen to my mother!"  |  sons

6-year-old boy refuses to take off the mask: “I always listen to my mother!” | sons

Reproduction / Facebook

Mason People, complying with the mother’s instructions about the use of the mask, did not remove the protective element even for the school photo

A six-year-old boy refused to take off his mask for a school photo shoot in Virginia, USA. When questioned by the photographer, Mason Peoples said he was following directions given by his mother.

“My mother told me to wear a mask all the time and only take it off when I eat, when no one is around,” said the boy.

The photographer even asked him if he wouldn’t take off his mask even for two seconds, and the boy said, “No thanks, I always listen to my mom!”

Nicole Peoples, the boy’s mother, shared the boy’s photo on social media and said she was proud. “I am very proud to keep your promise, but I should have been more clear about the rules for this day [da foto]He joked.

An image of Mason wearing a mask went viral in the school photo and the boy became a reference for children in Covid-19 prevention protocols. Soon hundreds of people called the mother to ask if they could donate money for good behaviour.

In response to requests, Nicole Peoples decided to open an online fund to help with the boy’s future college costs. As of Sunday (3), about 1,600 people have donated more than 33 thousand US dollars, which is equivalent to about 180 thousand Brazilian reals.