January 31, 2023
61 South African travelers tested positive for COVID-19 in the Netherlands |  Globalism

61 South African travelers tested positive for COVID-19 in the Netherlands | Globalism

health authorities in Dutch He said 61 people who arrived in Amsterdam on two flights from South Africa on Friday (26th) have tested positive for Covid-19. All passengers will undergo tests early Saturday (27) to see if any of the injuries are from It is a newly discovered type of coronavirus, the omicron.

About 600 passengers arrived at Amsterdam airport on two KLM flights on Friday and faced many hours of waiting and testing over concerns about a new viral surge, which it ranked World Health Organization (WHO) How do “variable anxiety”.

“Travelers who have tested positive for the virus will be quarantined at a hotel near Schiphol,” health officials said in a statement.

“We are studying if some of the cases are of a worrisome new type, omicron. We hope to have the results as soon as possible.”

On Friday morning, the Dutch government banned all flights from South Africa. Health Minister Hugo de Jong has ordered passengers who were already on their way to the Netherlands to undergo tests and quarantine upon arrival in the country.

Micron: WHO classifies new coronavirus strain as ‘related variant’

Passengers on two flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg said they had been waiting for hours on the tarmac.

“A warm applause because there’s a bus coming to take us…somewhere,” New York Times journalist Stephanie Nolen tweeted.

She later claimed that her Covid test was negative. In a second tweet, she added: “I’m heading by bus to the lobby that arrives in a huge queue. I can see my Covid tester in bright blue clothes in front. There are still snacks for the little kids.”

A spokesperson for health authorities in Kenmerland, the Dutch region that oversees Schiphol, said positive cases are being analyzed by an academic medical hospital to determine if they are the new strain.

The new variant was discovered at a time when many European countries are battling an increase in coronavirus cases.

The Dutch government also announced the closure of bars, restaurants and shops at night, as it tries to contain a record wave of Covid cases, which is straining its health care system.

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