February 5, 2023
7 most amazing robots in the world

7 most amazing robots in the world

The science is great and he gave further proof of that with Robot little cheetah, developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Using state-of-the-art AI simulations, scientists have been able to make Robot advance their learning process.

In just three hours, Mini Cheetah amassed the equivalent of 100 days of training. Now, he can run faster. Huge progress considering that the first robotic animal was built only 23 years ago. How about knowing the story of 7 amazing robots? tracking.

1. Mini Cheetah

(Source: Playback / Connected World)

a little cheetah It can’t be left off this list, right? Developed by a team of MIT scientists, these tiny robots are considered a robotic revolution. In the improvement phase, this robot was developed to masterfully own and perform motor tasks, such as walking, running and jumping.

There is a desire that, at some point, they could be used for reconnaissance work on difficult or considered dangerous terrain, and in the distant future, they could perform more complete tasks, such as delivering packages.

2. Atlas

(Source: clone/engineering 360)(Source: clone/engineering 360)

Boston Dynamics is a robotics engineering and design company known for its work. No wonder he joins the list with his friendly robot atlas. Atlas is Humanoid robotic creature Bipedal, designed to perform a range of search and rescue missions.

Its system allows for agile and varied movement, as the idea has always been to develop a robot capable of simulating human strength, balance and agility. Even parkour atlas does.

3. Sophia

Created by Hanson Robotics Sophia It’s been a hit since 2017, largely due to its human resemblance. But this similarity is guaranteed only if you do not atone for the backside, keeping the strands of your head exposed.

The Robot It uses highly advanced artificial intelligence, which makes it able to establish dialogues and show facial expressions that represent different emotions. His greatest achievement, undoubtedly, was to say, in an interview in 2017, that he would destroy humanity. Sense of humor is sharp, huh?


Asimo, a small robot developed by Honda, has already entered adulthood. That’s because its first unit came out of the Japanese brand’s technology labs in 2000. ASIMO (short for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) came from research into robotics that began in 1986.

In addition to having a human-like shape, it is able to perform various tasks, such as walking and going up and down stairs. Today, it is sold to the general public, and is primarily intended to help people with mobility difficulties. Since he can even kick a soccer ball, one of these days, Asimo takes the penalty kick in the World Cup Final.

5. Molly

(Source: clone / NE10)(Source: clone / NE10)

a sire He’s the first robot chef, or robot chef, whatever. After six years of lengthy testing, robotics company Moley has announced its product, a robot capable of working at all stages of food production in the kitchen.

Basically, it is a ceiling-mounted device, the arms of which are fitted with hands, capable of reproducing the movements of professional chefs. And Molly is no joke: he is able to reproduce up to 5,000 recipes and clean himself. It’s the end of the fight to see who washes the sink. or not.

6. Aibo

Are you ready to soften your hearts? Well, I guarantee it will happen when you meet Ibo, a robotic dog developed by Sony is waiting for you behind the door, among other things. Launched in 2017, the Aibo is the result of many years of investing in similar prototypes.

With many features, appearance and behavior similar to dogs, he can receive updates to improve his behavior. It is definitely a very complex robot.

Available for purchase, but somewhat infeasible for the Brazilian realities due to its high cost, the Aibo may not even replace a traditional pet, but it will always have the advantage of not peeing out of place.

7. Snakebot

(Source: Play / Steam Kids)(Source: Play / Steam Kids)

“Look at the snake! It’s a lie.” The June party song, today, is only valid for Sao Joao, because Carnegie Mellon University has developed a robot that is a snake, in the literal sense of the word. named a snakeIt is considered one of the most versatile and efficient devices ever.

It is of great value, as it is able to move, climb and swim in various environments, and is widely used in exploration and rescue missions and as a surgical tool, as it can enter places that are difficult for humans or even other types of robots.