July 22, 2024

7 PS5 Features That Might Make You Ditch the Xbox Series X / S | video game

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7 PS5 Features That Might Make You Ditch the Xbox Series X / S |  video game
7 PS5 Features That Might Make You Ditch the Xbox Series X / S |  video game

PlayStation 5 has some advantages over Xbox Series X/S that can make users prefer Sony console.

According to a survey by DFC Intelligence, conducted between October and November 2021 in the United States, consumer interest in PlayStation 5 (PS5) above Xbox Xbox X e do Xbox S. Among users who do not yet own consoles, 42% said they intend or will buy PS5 Standard, while 19% would choose PS5 Digital. Already on consoles Microsoftnumbers drop to 26% for intent to buy Xbox Xbox X and 11% for Xbox S.

One of the biggest differences between the two controllers is the joystick DualSense From the PlayStation 5 that brought technologies such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. In practice, this control feature can offer different levels of resistance for the player to press.

Different weapons may have stiffer triggers, the bow and arrow may require more force to keep the strings tight, or rough terrain may require more throttle pressure. clatter Dual Shock 4 They are, in turn, replaced by tactile feedback that passes more nuances of vibration, which can guide the operator.

The Dual Sense joystick is one of the highlights of the PlayStation 5 on Xbox Series X/S – Photo: Marlon Câmara/TechTudo

LINE EXCLUSIVE GAMES FROM Sony It’s another big reason why the console is so much fun. Recent titles like DeathloopAnd Horizon: Forbidden West e Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart It has been highly praised by critics, as well as other heavyweight games such as back And new editions of demon souls.

In 2022, the most anticipated game is God of War: Ragnarokthe sequel to Kratos’ adventure, which will also be released in PS4. Many exclusive offers from PS5 still come out in Playstation 4But it’s worth upgrading to play them at their best.

God of War: Ragnarok promises to continue the PlayStation 4 story of God of War with the events of Ragnarok in Norse mythology – Image: Playback / PlayStation Showcase 2021

3. 3D sound technology

or PlayStation 5 (PS5) uses a new audio technology called Tempest Engine, which simulates 3D sound. This provides greater depth to the sound effects and increases player immersion. To take full advantage of this functionality, it is recommended that the user have a good audio system connected to the console or even a quality headphone.

PlayStation 5’s Tempest technology simulates 3D audio with greater depth of sound for greater player immersion – Image: Playback / PlayStation

For service subscribers PS Plusthe PS5 Offers a range of free games from PS4 To be played once the user gets the console. These are 20 titles, including exclusive games da sOne Participatemo Uncharted 4: Thief Endgod wwith (e) The Last of Us Remasteredeven games from third-party companies withMo Final Fantasy FifteenthResident Evil 7 e Batman: Arkham Knight. Check out the full list and more details on how the group works at Our story about the PS Plus collection.

PS Plus Collection offers several PlayStation 4 games for PS Plus subscribers to play on PlayStation 5 – Photo: Reproduction / Murilo Molina

or PlayStation 5 (PS5It features a high-speed solid-state drive (SSD). The storage can now be replaced, after an upgrade, with other SSDs from certain companies, as long as they meet the speed requirements. The process is a little complicated, it requires the console to open, but it is supported by Sony. pre-existing Xbox Xbox X e Xbox SSwitch still does not work perfectly and users have to rely on expensive expansion cards from Seagate.

lately Seagate It also announced that it will launch an external SSD under the title Horizon: Forbidden West for Playstation 5 (PS5) e PS4Storage capacity ranges from 2 to 5 TB. However, there is still no date for reaching the market.

Seagate announces it will release a new 2-5TB external SSD for PlayStation 5 and PS4 with artwork from Horizon: Forbidden West – Image: Reproduction/Seagate Gaming

6. Backward compatibility PS4

PlayStation 5 can play almost all PlayStation 4 games and accept joysticks Dual Shock 4 When run in backward compatibility mode. This factor becomes more suitable for players who already have PS4 And do not want to lose their groups. To use physical media discs, you must have the Standard model with a disc player.

In this case, some games PS4 number PS5 Get some advantages like higher resolutions and faster load times. Others enjoy the same improvements as the PlayStation 4 Pro.

PlayStation 5 is capable of running almost all PS4 games, such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, with improvements – Image: Disclosure / Sony

7. More games from Japanese studios

to the manufacturer Sony Is a Japanese company, one of the largest gaming market. In the country, PlayStation is still a favourite, unlike consolesa microsoFR. For this reason, many Japanese studios are primarily considering the PlayStation 5. (ss5) as a platform for development. Users who love Japanese RPGs or anime-based games will have a larger selection on their consoles.A like thisns.

Some Japanese role-playing games or anime-based games appear on PlayStation platforms, but not on Xbox consoles – Image: Disclosure / Atlus

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series: Which next-gen console to buy?

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series: Which next-gen console to buy?

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