May 31, 2023

71 Chinese military aircraft cross the center line of the Taiwan Strait | world

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said on Saturday (8) that 71 Chinese military aircraft Crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait. The line is, informally, the territorial boundary between the two sides.

Attend the Fighters and bombers. at sea, Nine Chinese military ships seen. See below the log of one of the ships:

A Chinese warship in the waters off Taiwan

to The activities are part of a series of military exercises announced by Beijing After Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen’s visit to Republican US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

  • China announces military exercises in the Taiwan Strait

The Taiwanese government’s statement on the military moves said the Chinese were using Tsai’s visit to McCarthy “as a pretext to conduct military exercises that undermined stability, security and peace in the region.”

The text also states, “The Army [de Taiwan] He will respond with a calm, rational and serious attitude, and will continue to guard and monitor, following the principles of “non-escalation of conflicts or disagreements” to maintain national sovereignty and security.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army announced that it will conduct military exercises from Saturday to next Monday (10), in preparation for fighting with the Taiwan Strait, in the northern and southern parts of the island and in the airspace in the east of the country. Al Jazeera.

Why is the meeting with the President of Taiwan so controversial?

China considers the island of Taiwan a rebellious province and part of Chinese territory and says it is ready to take it back, even by force if necessary.

Under the “one China” principle, the Chinese government does not allow any country to establish diplomatic relations with China and Taiwan at the same time. Only 13 countries in the world recognize Taiwan’s sovereignty.

The US government has long maintained “strategic ambiguity” on the issue, a doctrine intended to deter China from invading Taiwan and to prevent the island’s leaders from provoking Beijing by declaring independence.