July 23, 2024

76% of patients hospitalized with Covid-19 at Emílio Ribas Hospital do not have a full vaccination, says São Paulo Health Department | Sao Paulo

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76% of patients hospitalized with Covid-19 at Emílio Ribas Hospital do not have a full vaccination, says São Paulo Health Department |  Sao Paulo
76% of patients hospitalized with Covid-19 at Emílio Ribas Hospital do not have a full vaccination, says São Paulo Health Department |  Sao Paulo

Among the patients hospitalized with Covid-19 at Emílio Ribas Hospital, in Sao PaheadAnd 76% do not have a full vaccination Against the disease, the state health department reported on Saturday (15).

The hospital that is considered a reference in the treatment of infectious diseases has 50 patients In a ward or intensive care unit (ICU) with suspected or confirmed Covid-19. who are they, 38 patients who were not vaccinated or did not complete the vaccination.

For the survey, the state government considered the amount of doses indicated for each individual on the current calendar. so for Patients who received the second dose more than four months ago but have not yet received the booster dose, vaccination is considered incomplete. The same standard was used for those who received a single dose (the Janssen vaccine) more than two months ago and did not take a booster dose.

number immune status, the booster dose should be taken 28 days after the last dose of the vaccine schedule (a second dose or a single dose), and a fourth dose should be given four months after the booster dose.

Information about vaccination against COVID-19 It is one of the areas that healthcare professionals can fill in upon notification Ministry of Health Hospitalization of a coronavirus patient in the Sivep-Gripe system, a national tool used to tally severe cases of the disease.

However, in case Sao Paulo, data up to December 2021 show that a significant portion of the critically ill patient records were not filled in the vaccination field. For this reason, calculating the percentage of vaccinations among all those vaccinated in hospital with Covid in the state is at risk, as only a portion of the chips bring this information. Despite this, some private and public hospitals, such as Emílio Ribas, do their own monitoring.

or country Sao Paulo Notified, in January, proportionately The number of new Covid-19 cases is lower than before the data blackout Ministry of Health. The same has not happened with other densely populated states. (see below). The drop in the ratio gives evidence that the data currently released by the country does not show all Covid cases recorded in SUS systems.

The only other state in which the same difference has been verified, of the six most populous is Bahia Admit data mining problems of systems Ministry of Health In the latest epidemiological bulletin.

The progress of the epidemic in the world worries experts

The progress of the epidemic in the world worries experts

From the start of the pandemic until December 10, 2021 – start date Ministry of Health data blackout – or case Sao Paulo he had 4.4 million Of the confirmed cases of Covid, which represents 20% of the total country in the same period (22.1 million). The percentage of cases corresponds to the overall percentage of the state’s population relative to the country’s population, which is also 20%.

In the period from December 11, 2021 to this Wednesday (12) only the SP country has not been notified 33.347 New cases, representing 6.3% of total 532.943 Any country registered.

According to researcher Marcio Bettencourt, master of public health and professor at the University of Pittsburgh, the sudden drop in the proportion of state Sao Paulo Among all cases, it raises suspicions that there are problems with the data. For him, the increase in the number of hospitalized cases shows that the government cases are understated.

“Just look at the hospital admissions in the state, which are increasing: there are a lot of missing cases [no balanço do governo de São Paulo“, disse Bittencourt.

Para Paulo Inácio Prado, pesquisador do Observatório Covid-BR e do Instituto de Biologia da USP, a mudança na proporção de casos em SP “é um forte indício de um problema na consolidação dos dados feita pelo estado”.

“É muito grave que os dados oficiais do estado mais populoso do Brasil levantem esta dúvida, sem uma explicação ainda”, disse Prado.

“Outra explicação seria termos muito menos casos em SP do que nos demais [estados] But in the omicron-induced current wave, this is unreasonable. Finally, we may have a problem notifying the municipalities of cases, but the public data from the capital shows that this is not happening, and that it is also possible to correct the problem of data collection.”

Experts believe that the high prevalence of the omicron . variant It has not yet fully translated into new case numbers. Therefore, the Media Consortium began to adopt the expression “new known cases”. In addition, to find out the true number of cases in the country, it will be necessary to test more. However, the proportion of cases in each state tends to remain similar for the population of each location.

A patient undergoes a Covid-19 detection test at UBS Humaitá, Bela Vista neighborhood, central region of the city of São Paulo on Wednesday morning (12). – Photo: Sami Beidon/Agive/ESTADÃO CONTENDO

Although the state health department claims that there are no longer data mining problems, it also over there The difference between the values ​​propagated by the state and the capital of São Paulo, as revealed by g 1 Tuesday (11).

Other indicators such as increased hospitalizationsQueues in hospitals and the high demand for COVID tests also indicate that the state is facing a new explosion of pollution.

conservative Joao Dorya (PSDB) issued new restrictions on Wednesday (12) to Musical events, parties and football matches, which must now take place with 70% of the audience and after vaccination is proven. The government took advantage of the increase in the number of detainees to advocate for the new measures.

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