January 29, 2023
777 CEOs arrive in Rio on Wednesday amid pressure to replace Vasco coach |  Vasco

777 CEOs arrive in Rio on Wednesday amid pressure to replace Vasco coach | Vasco

a Vasco Next Wednesday he receives another visit, this time emphatically, from the executives of 777 partners. They arrived in Rio de Janeiro to complete the transition from Sociedade Anônima de Futebol (SAF) in the midst of a difficult moment for the team at Serie B, with internal and external pressure to appoint an effective coach to replace interim Emílio Faro.

The 777’s entourage will include four prominent members of the group: co-founder Joshua Wonder, director of entertainment Juan Arsenegas, chief operating officer Nicolas Maia, and chief executive of the 777 Football Group, the arm of the company’s football interests. , Don Dansfield.

This is the first time Josh has been back in Rio since March, when the MOU with Vasco had just been signed. It was the occasion when the founding member of 777 was introduced to the club’s facilities He promised that the showdown against Flamengo, by Carioca, would be “the last to be under-budgeted”.

Jorge Salgado, president of Vasco, and Josh Wonder, co-founder of 777 Partners – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

I was initially informed by “Lance!” then confirmed it General ElectricThe visit of the executives aims to complete the transfer of 70% of the shares of SAF do Vasco to 777. The company is duly registered in sports entities, but still owns 100% of the shares of the club. This will be the final step in the process that began in February: from then on, the American group will take over the management of the Vasco football team.

The entourage is also expected to arrive in São Januaro on Wednesday evening, when they receive Vasco Guarani in the 27th round of Serie B from Brazil. The ball rolls at 19:00 (Brasilia time).

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pressure by a coach

Although this is not the main reason for the visit, Vasco’s bad moment in the second division and pressure for a coach should be discussed with the executives. The interim leadership of Emilio Farrow, who completed his sixth consecutive game for the team in the loss to Bahia, has come under fire from both inside and outside the club.

Fans were vying for some of Emílio’s options, such as the line-up and changes during the match, as well as the board’s decision not to appoint an effective coach. These are questions that resonate among people inside the club: After the defeat in Salvador, Otto Carvalho, President of the General Assembly, used his social network to protest and request an “urgent technician”.

Emilio Farrow walking between Luis Mello, Paulo Brax and Carlos Brasil as Vasco arrives at Fonte Nova – Photo: Tibarro Schmidt/J

However, although SAF shares have yet to pass to 777, the decisions in club football are made by duo Paulo Brax and Luiz Mello, sporting director and CEO of Vasco SAF respectively. As in previous matches, the two were part of the delegation that went to Salvador.

Vasco has suffered two straight defeats for the first time in this Series B and has won only three of his last 12 games in Series B. And his fifth-place advantage, which came to nine, is now four.

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