December 3, 2023
8 free services that will save you money

8 free services that will save you money

they exist some types of products and services Available in appearance Freein another meaning, without Pay Value expensive. everybody You are costs Should to be carefully weighted to me Follow in Economic practices, no Just consumption rampant. So appearanceAnd the beginning The for note in No final chances around you what or what Show Benefits Free.

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Discover some free products and services now

  • Anti-smoking control:

Institute citizen of cancer (INCA) is a file member patriotism it Good Services in Psychological health And the Doctor for every in the middle one system health (SUS) in Designation with others devices and Institutions specialized.

  • For better organization, have Google Calendar at your fingertips:

Get access to a file Evaluation virtual my work And the intuitive Across From Your E-mailAnd the where You are he can to schedule alerts for You are helps The Organize yourself better on a daily basis, regardless where You are Be in the moment.

  • Bank transfers using PIX:

In addition to generating more practicality during the procedure, the PIX was created by the Central Bank to allow the transfer of any amount without additional costs and with proces without interruption 24 hours a day, every day.

  • Indoors physical activities and exercises:

Through Youtube or other specific platforms it is possible to find different types of training content, which can be done in your own home. All this without any kind of gym fee or additional values.

  • Online courses in different fields:

There are many websites that specialize in this service, and they even offer certificates from courses taught for free, for those who want to improve their curriculum. sites like Sebrae, Senai, Coursera, and FGV Online offer many free online courses.

  • Consulting And the the support Business free:

Sibra and some others organizations getting help from external sources Show Advice without cost and others types of Sources in Management for business men who are they Pursuit to start for you king Business.

  • Cuts in WaterAnd the light And the phone during for you Absence:

sAnd the the person need to Spends Season in displacementYou probably won’t like it Pay for every Something It is not used. then, if it was for you a house You are emptyYou are he can Spends Temporarily Free Pay From lecture applied.

  • Cancellation Card bank officer number used:

You are conventional banks Generally Cost annuities And the expenses in Maintenance work until When the card not be used. And thereforeEliminates a Card not that that it bone Necessary, at no cost.