March 21, 2023
8 things you can do on your cell phone when you are bored |  productivity

8 things you can do on your cell phone when you are bored | productivity

Using your cell phone can be a good way to escape boredom, and social media is often the first alternative needed in these situations. However, in addition to social networks, there are other options that can be made on the device that also help fill in idle moments. Tasks like home screen and lock screen customization, device maintenance, and rearranging messages can be useful to occupy time with something that can’t always be done on busy days.

Some apps can also help you find new entertainment options, such as music, podcasts, movies, and reading. It is also possible to find these suggestions in the original mobile virtual assistants. Check out, in the next few lines, eight things you do on your cell phone that go beyond social networking and can help improve your boring days.

Discover eight things to do on your smartphone in moments of boredom – Photo: Pond5

1. Customize and rearrange your home screen and lock screen

A good alternative to idle moments is to try new settings for the lock screen and mobile home. From the original resources it is possible to modify the theme, wallpaper, icons, colors, etc. To open the setting in Android, press and hold the Home screen for a few seconds until the personalization options appear. In the IphoneYou can download some apps to be able to make these changes, like Nova Launcher it’s the Molokoavailable at App Store.

It can also be interesting to spend some time reorganizing the apps and analyzing the insufficiently used ones that can be discarded. Additionally, including or changing UI elements on the home screen – such as calendar events, notes, and weather – can also be a good option.

Updating themes and icons can be a fun pastime for boring days – Photo: clone / Flávia Fernandes

2. Do cell phone maintenance

Another thing to do is to analyze the performance and security of the cell phone and apply the necessary maintenance. Accessing smartphone settings and checking, for example, which apps have unnecessary permissions or that consume a lot of battery, can be important analytics. To do so in AndroidEnter “Settings” > “Applications” and click on the required applications. In the Iphoneopen the screen “Settings” > “Privacy” to manage permissions, and “Settings” > “Battery” To check the battery usage of apps.

Some systems also include built-in antivirus and antimalware protection. Therefore, it may be worth taking some time to examine the applications that use these programs. If these services are not available originally, it is possible to download applications that perform the same function in The Google Play and App Store, like dfndr security.

Configuring the device to increase system security – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

3. Clean up and explore the world with Street View Google Maps

This option is geared more towards entertainment than productivity. a street view From Google Maps It allows you to get a 360-degree view of streets and districts in different places around the world, and exploring them through the app can be a good way to pass the time.

to use the street viewjust enter Google Maps-Find the desired place and tap on the map on the street or area you want to see. Next, the app will display a thumbnail of the site, with a circular arrow, and an icon street view. Open the image and scroll through the space by swiping or double tapping on the screen.

Discover new places with Google Street View – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

4. Reorganize your inboxes and messages

Another alternative to boring moments is to organize and clean emails and messages from The WhatsApp And the short message. It is common for files to accumulate in these apps, and removing junk conversations, or emails that have already been read, can be a good option to pass your time, in addition to ensuring that the phone’s memory is clean as well.

Another tip is to reorganize your mailbox by folders or topics. Thus, it will be easier to filter files and store those that cannot be ignored. See how to do it here.

Organizing emails and messages on idle days – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

5. Find new music and/or podcasts in your streaming app

If you have headphones handy, discovering new music or podcasts is another interesting way to occupy your phone’s idle time. In the spotifyfor example, It is possible to access many of the resources that make this research possible. The Search tab on the streaming service offers many options for what’s new to listen to, such as songs and radio shows. You can also find trending podcasts and music that matches your profile and musical tastes.

On the Radio tab, you can find options similar to the selected artist, song or playlist. It’s an interesting tool to learn about new bands and singers, as well as different songs that you haven’t heard yet. If you don’t have a headset near you, it’s best to save it for later.

The radio function on Spotify creates a playlist of songs similar to the selected artist or song – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

6. Explore in letterboxd New movies to watch

Discovering new movies to watch can be an interesting option to distract yourself in boring moments. To make it easier to search for different addresses, for example, a file letterboxd maybe you can be useful. The application acts as a social network, and allows you to read reviews, check ratings from other users and find out more information about film productions, such as cast and short.

The app also features the most popular movies of the moment, making it easy to search for new options to watch them. To use it, simply register on the platform and browse through the navigation tabs, such as “Movies”, “Reviews”, “Lists” and “News”. Another alternative is to type in the name of the production you want to know more about and check what has already been published and notified. The app is available for both Android how much Iphone (iOS).

Letterboxd app is an option to discover new cinematic productions – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

7. Check the news Google News

a Google News It is another app option available on Google Play Store And the App Store Which can serve as a hobby, as well as keep you informed properly on a daily basis. On the platform, you can select the topics that interest you and filter by headlines, local news and various editorials.

In the For You tab, the application selects articles on topics previously selected by the user. In “Manchetes” it is possible to see the highlights of many news portals in Brazil and around the world. In addition, it is possible to receive news from specific sites and sites.

Google News delivers news from different portals in the app – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

8. Test camera features and virtual assistants

The original camera for a cell phone can provide many interesting features, and testing it can be a good choice for a hobby in moments of boredom. Tools like panoramic photos and slow motion videos are features that can be configured to add different results to photos and videos. It is also possible to apply the grid to make well-focused photographs, as well as to test various effects.

However, another interesting activity to do in idle moments is to test the resources available for virtual assistants. The crabfrom iPhone, and Google Assistant, from Android, can perform various tasks, such as telling jokes, presenting curious facts, and indicating specific readings. For example, you can ask for suggestions for events and places to visit, such as restaurants or movies nearby. See interesting commands to test them here.

Google Assistant features from jokes to a selection of shown movies – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

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