September 26, 2022
A 2-year-old boy tests positive for monkeypox

A 2-year-old boy tests positive for monkeypox


New bulletin shows seven new cases in Campo Grande, and one in Aquidwana

By Karen Alencar | 09/16/2022 15:29

A patient has a rash, which is one of the main and most obvious symptoms of monkeypox. (Photo: Playback / Pixabay)

Epidemiological Bulletin of Sis (Minister of State for health) explains that Mato Grosso do Sul has recorded eight new cases of monkeypox in the past 24 hours. A two-year-old boy tested positive for the disease in Campo Grande.

Six males, aged between 27 and 52, contracted the disease in the capital, in addition to two women, aged between 17 and 33. The eighth case was a 14-year-old girl in Aquidwana.

With the new notifications, Mato Grosso do Sul now has 88 confirmed cases of the disease so far, while 4 other possible cases are being investigated, 58 cases have already been cured, and 34 active cases of the virus are in the body.

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know more – Monkeypox is a disease known as monkeypox that is caused by a virus that infects rodents in Africa. Until May 2022, all outbreaks were confined to the African continent, but the disease has spread worldwide and is currently transmitted between humans.

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