July 18, 2024

A 20-year-old Brazilian man has died in a frozen lake in the United States

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A 20-year-old Brazilian man has died in a frozen lake in the United States
A 20-year-old Brazilian man has died in a frozen lake in the United States

André Cassiano Rubert, 20, of Brazil, drowned when his boat capsized with three friends on Winnipeg Lake in New Hampshire, USA. The lake, which is known for its frost in the North American winter, was relatively passable but the water temperature was in the range of 3 degrees Celsius, Sergeant Joshua Durth of the Marine Patrol Division told a local newspaper. Lagonia Daily Sun..

At 11pm local time on January 1, Andre and his colleagues split into two boats: a boat and a kayak, according to authorities. When the four tried to reach one of the 258 islands found on the lake, the two returned and the young men tried to swim back to shore.

One Witness threw another boat to help the youths reach the shore, but only three of them were able to return. Andre drowned and his body was found by firefighters in the town of Volphero, very close to the crash. Authorities told a local newspaper that none of the four were wearing life jackets.

Rescuers also point out that with the temperature recorded during the crash, it takes about 10 minutes for the victim’s motor functions to begin to fail, for example, preventing swimming.

Born in Curitiba, the capital of Parana, Andre lived in Framingham, Massachusetts with his mother Daniel, younger brother Timothy and stepmother. His father, Wilson, lives in Combo Grande, Moto Grosso do Sul.

The young man graduated from high school in a North American city in 2020, after which he worked as a trainer in an electronics store and dreamed of becoming a “master electrician” working in the area. He described the condolence message given by the family on the internet.

“He enjoyed being with his close friends and family, and had frequent meetings at his home in Framingham. But above all, Andre had a special relationship with his younger brother, 5-year-old TJ. Andre wanted to play with him. Frightened him.His jokes from time to time amused his mother: ‘Andre, be careful, please’, recalling the tribute to that young man.

The Brazilian funeral will take place on Monday 10 January in Framingham.

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