December 6, 2023
A 6-year-old girl dies after being bitten by a snake in a toilet

A 6-year-old girl dies after being bitten by a snake in a toilet

A six-year-old girl has died after being bitten by a snake while sitting on the toilet in the bathroom of her home in Saudi Arabia. The victim’s family, Tamara Abdel Rahman, stated that the presence of the reptile was unexpected, as it is not common to find animals of this type in the residential area of ​​Abha city where they live.

After the bite, the girl was transferred to Asir Central Hospital, but her health condition quickly deteriorated. Until the day of the accident, on Wednesday (29), she was transferred to a bed in the intensive care unit (ICU) and died hours later, according to the British newspaper The Sun.

Tamara’s father, who declined to be identified, said the girl must not have checked the toilet and regretted that the girl was so happy to be back in classes after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Her father said, “She was happy to go back to teaching face to face at school, but what can I say? It was God’s wish.” He added, “I believe in God and I am satisfied with everything. He is writing to us.”

“The snake was hiding in the bathroom in our house, and because of its age (Tamara), she didn’t notice that she was in the bathroom until I bit her,” said the man, noting that the case occurred in a densely populated area. The area, with more than 200 thousand inhabitants.

Although this is not the case in Abha, the desert and mountainous regions of Saudi Arabia are known to have strong snakes, including the carpet viper, Persian horned viper, and horned viper. The species that bit the baby has not yet been determined.