February 2, 2023

A big surprise at the end of this year for those who use Whatsapp

In the The WhatsApp Testing new features in beta has already become routine. The messenger is currently updating the Single View feature, which will include text messages from conversations.

When it was released, the function was only available for photos and videos. This way, the user can send their media and select the single view option, so when the contact opens the message, they can never see it again.

Single view texting

Now, Meta, the company responsible for The WhatsApp, intends to expand messaging functionality. The expectation is that the feature will be enabled with similar conditions for video and photo messages. That is, the person who receives the single view file will not be able to take a screenshot or forward the image.

To send the message, in the case of photo and video files, the Single View feature is enabled by selecting the number 1 icon on the right side next to the Send option in the app. For text messages, the platform is testing a button icon with a padlock indicating the functionality.

It is worth noting that the new one is available in the beta version of Android, and at the present time there are no expectations for it to reach all WhatsApp users.

New feature on WhatsApp for the profile picture

a The WhatsApp Released a new function in the application. Users can now create an avatar and use it as their profile picture. In addition, the messenger allows sending the virtual character in chats as a sticker.

Namely, the app provides billions of different combinations for the user to create their avatar. Through the application, a person can define his personal style in detail, such as hair, facial features, clothes, and accessories.

Avatar for WhatsApp

avatars The WhatsApp She is the same Instagram and Facebook model. However, so far, the messenger has not reported whether there will be integration with the other two platforms at this point.

According to Messenger, some improvements will be made in the future to the character’s style, such as lighting, shading, and hair textures. However, according to the app, creating a sticker with avatars for multiple users is currently in the testing phase.

Avatars were created with the aim of helping users express themselves better in conversations and to provide more privacy, as the avatar can be used as a real avatar.

How to create my avatar on WhatsApp?

  1. access to WhatsApp;
  2. On the home screen, tap the icon for more options (?) or “Settings” if you’re using an iPhone;
  3. click on “avatar”;
  4. Then press “Create Avatar”;
  5. After doing that, follow the onscreen steps to create your character, and when done, click OK.

If you want to delete your character, just open the screen again and click on “Delete Avatar”.

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