May 30, 2023
A bleacher collapses and leaves 5 dead in Colombia |  Globalism

A bleacher collapses and leaves 5 dead in Colombia | Globalism

At least 5 people were killed and others injured after a platform collapsed on Sunday (26th) during a bullfight in Tolima, Colombia.

The total number of victims is not yet known, and the Colombian press cites different numbers of wounded. The newspaper “Tempo” which mentioned the local authorities says that there are 500 wounded. Radio Karakol says there are at least 60 people.

The accident occurred during a traditional event in São Pedro, when the public is encouraged to enter the ring with the bulls. Local newspapers reported that a bull escaped from the stadium, causing panic in the municipality.

The bull that was part of the presentation was not caught causing panic on the streets of Espinal. The municipality has issued a yellow alert order to be able to respond to the emergency in time.

In an interview with Radio Caracol, the Director of Civil Defense, Major Luis Fernando Velez, said that a group of volunteers is preparing to support the rescue efforts.

Collapsed stands leave one dead and hundreds injured in Tolima, Colombia – Photo: Reproduction

On social media, President-elect Colombia Gustavo Pietro regretted the accident.

“I hope all those affected by the collapse can recover. This has happened before in Sensiligo. I ask mayors not to allow more shows to die of people or animals,” the president-elect wrote.