A Boeing 777 makes an emergency landing in Moscow after engine warning

Russian officials said a long-range Boeing 777 airliner made an emergency landing in Moscow on Friday after pilots received a warning indicative of a possible engine failure. Reviving concerns about Boeing aircraft.

Last weekend, another engine failed in another Boeing 777, scattering debris over the Denver area, while a similar accident occurred in a Boeing 747 cargo plane over the Netherlands. Both planes managed to land safely.

Each of these equipment malfunctions includes Pratt & Whitney engines Which raises fears On the metal fatigue in the fan blades of the engines, some date back to the mid-1990s. But the plane that landed in Moscow was equipped with various engines made by General Electric.

The plane, operated by a Russian airline, was taking off from Hong Kong to Madrid When it was diverted to Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow just before 5 a.m. local time.

Regional department of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations mentioned Landing on their website. The airport manager alerted emergency services that “the device light was activated due to the failure of the left engine control channel.”

The report said the plane was mostly operating as a cargo flight carrying 36 metric tons of cargo and 25 people. “The plane landed safely and no one was injured,” she added.

It was unclear if the engine had actually failed or the device’s light had been activated incorrectly. The Russian report also did not make clear whether the pilots had turned off the engine before landing.

Boeing said Sunday that all 128 777 aircraft equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines of the type involved in the Colorado accident, the PW4000 series, will be grounded worldwide. The Model 747 involved in the accident in the Netherlands was powered by a variant of the Pratt & Whitney engine.

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Pratt & Whitney engines were also the focus of attention in an episode in December when an engine problem forced a Japan Airlines plane to turn around shortly after taking off from Okinawa.

Russian Airlines is part of the national airline, Aeroflot, and operates a fleet of Western-built aircraft like its parent company. He. She flies 10 Boeing 777s, according to the airline’s website. Boeing and Russia did not immediately respond to calls seeking comment on the incident.

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