March 31, 2023
A Brazilian company opens vacancies for free restaurant evaluation and still pays R$2,000;  See how to apply

A Brazilian company opens vacancies for free restaurant evaluation and still pays R$2,000; See how to apply

Today, the Internet is a very useful tool for finding new places to eat and drink. Thus, there are many companies, channels, websites, and social media profiles that act as indicators of experiences. Thus, for those who like this type of service, a Brazilian company has just opened vacancies for those who want to rate restaurants for free. However, in addition to not paying the expenses related to food and drink in the restaurant, the resident still receives a salary of R$2,000.

Titled “The World’s Best Job – For Wine Lovers”, the vacancy requires selected people to immediately visit 15 venues to assess service, service and wine quality. Moreover, the selection process is simple and depends on the creativity of the participant. Below, learn more about.

Jobs to review restaurants for free! (Source: Freepik)


The company that offers job postings for wine lovers is called Wine Locals, which has a guide for people who love to live experiences around the world. Moreover, the guide aims to help those who They love to drink, but they don’t understand much about places, labels, among other things in this universe. With Wine Locals, this audience can learn in a convenient way.

In addition to the Wine Locals directory, the company also owns a Wine Locals store. In the store, those interested can gain first-hand experiences in wineries, restaurants and large cities.

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How to register to review restaurants for free

There are three positions for the “best job in the world – for those who love wine”. The selection process will select these people to create content and experience wine in São Paulo. Thus, each of the two teams will initially visit 15 venues pre-selected by the Wine Locals team. It is essential to produce content about these places and evaluate food, drink, experience and wine, among other characteristics. In addition, these places can be bars, restaurants, wine stores.

In addition, experiences will be paid in full. That is, the people selected will not pay for anything they consume on the site. In addition, they will receive a prize of R$2000.00.

To participate in the selection process, it is necessary to register on the site., until 08/21, And answer questions about your profile. Moreover, it is necessaryFollow Profile Tweet embed on Instagram and post a photo on your profile reporting the wine experience. Don’t forget: it takes mpay profile Tweet embed. Only people over the age of 18 can participate in the competition.

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