September 26, 2023
A Brazilian man has drowned in a frozen lake in the United States on New Year's Day

A Brazilian man has drowned in a frozen lake in the United States on New Year’s Day

Andre Cassiano Rupert, a Brazilian, died Drowned After falling into Lake Winnipeg on New Year’s Day. The crash happened in northeastern New Hampshire To us.

Andrew was 20 and a coach at DC Electric, where he wanted to become a professional electrician. New Hampshire police were called at 11pm to rescue the victims of the overturned kayak.

According to police, the ship sank while attempting a U-turn maneuver to land again. Andre was in a kayak with three people rescued.

It is said that the youths tried to swim back to shore but they did not wear life jackets. According to Marine Patrol Sergeant Joshua Dart, the water temperature was about 3 degrees Celsius. This information was reported to the local newspaper Lagonia Daily Sun.

The next morning the body of the Brazilian was found drowned at a depth of more than four meters. Rupert’s funeral will take place this Sunday (9/1) at a funeral home in Framingham, Massachusetts.

“He enjoyed being with his closest friends and family,” says a condolence source in Framingham. The publication points out that he especially enjoyed being with his little 5 year old brother.

In a post on social media, Rupert’s mother mourned her son’s death. Danielle Cassiano Fitts said that “the world turned gray after the death of his son” and that he would lose him every day.

“How can I expect you to finish your work, go home and say‘ hi ’and go out of the garage and wait for your friends, without seeing him stop the truck? You will not answer me, I know, but I must speak to you, ”says Daniel in the publication.